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You can take this survey in the window below or on the actual testing site here where they will show your "score" at the end.  The wrapper version below will display all the questions but not compute the results.  In either case, the Login name is "immunetest" and the Password is "letmein" You have to fill in a name - any name - to get scored, but with or without it you will soon get the drift. See scoring assessment below.
A score of 50% or above suggests you are somehow involved in the blessed/cursed Magic 10% and could profitably hang with us for a while studying Big Body theory and immune system strategy.

Those with lower scores can still all be wonderful folks in every other respect and bless us with their own vital roles in the body politic. But right now we’re in crisis mode and trying to reach out to the restless immuno-activists (although anyone with a sense of unease or urgency is welcome to look through our material and take the Immunocytizen Orientation course).

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