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Provoking the Power of Collective Consciousness

 Motivations of, by and for the Mother


Balinese ketchak Gaiatryst

Covenwork DIY Epiphanies
to Unify Movements, Refocus Politics
and Re-enchant the World


"When a certain number of persons meet together in a sacred place with common devotion they move to sympathy supranatural powers. These communions can create psychic forces that palpably affect the spiritual and material environment." -- Avicenna, 1037 A.D.

For millennia, our kind has gathered, chanted and focused our collective attention in ceremonies designed to invoke "higher powers." When these "conspirational" rites were practised in churches, shrines or temples, the occasional feelings of divinity that occurred were all credited to the official god(s) and the resulting awe and gratitude could thus be channeled to strengthen whatever hierarchy was in charge. (See charismatic Catholicism for one contemporary example.)

When achieved in unorthodox settings, however, like herbalist covens in the wild, conspiring commoner groups often felt this mystical power was an ubiquitous loving divine force they could summon on their own. It started to give them seditious egalitarian ideas about their own intrinsic worth, and they began to ridicule "royalty" and demand equal rights.

Conspire: from Old French conspirer, from Latin conspirare "to agree, harmonize, unite in spirit," lit. "to breathe together," from com- "together" + spirare "to breathe" (from L. spiritus "soul, courage, vigor, breath"). First derogatory citations (connoting anti-authoritarian plotting, subversion, sedition) appear early in the 14th century shortly after the medieval church institutes the Inquisition to exterminate "heretics" (Heretic: c.1330 - from the Greek hairetikos "able or free to choose;" and as Italian Cardinal, Inquisitor and canonized saint Robert Bellarmine warned, "Freedom of belief is pernicious, it is nothing but the freedom to be wrong!" )

Covenworks aim to revive the personal and political powers of grassroots groups that choose to experience their basic interconnectedness with each other and the planet, and leverage that understanding to protect our collective future and the world.

Catholic chanting   Pandorans connecting to their planet via Tree of Souls   Buddhist chanting

   ESSENCE: 5 Steps to Epiphany  
1) Gather together; 2) Synch your breathing together; 3) Synch your heartbeats together; 4) Synch your brain waves together; 5) Synch your brain waves with Mama Gaia's (aka the Schumann Resonance ≈ 7.8 cycles/second) and invite yourselves in.

The ancient mystery of covenwork now seems almost self-evident. When a group's consciousness embraces the same content and all its psychosomatic rhythms are in synch, the boundaries between individual minds become diaphanous and startling energetic fusions can occur.

Some of us have experienced these transpersonal moments during lovemaking, team sports, combat situations or band performances. Many others have briefly tasted it in high energy concerts, rallies, revivals or spectator sport events. The hunger for such sensations seems to be half the reason we bother to attend mass gatherings despite their expense, travel hassles and indignities, not to mention the fact the view is always better on TV.

Covenworks like Gaiatrysts try to consciously induce these states using science, art and shared intent, and equally important, use them to reconnect people with and to the natural energies of the Earth.


Covenworks are freely replicable events that gather ordinary people together and help them to literally conspire, i.e., harmonize their breath, heart beats and cerebral rhythms until a flash of collective consciousness ignites and they can perceive our human situation and their own potential power from a higher altitude. Think shamanic chautauquas - psychosomatically turbocharged mixes of edification, evolutionary striving and spellbinding art.

The state of psychic union and empowerment this synchronization provokes is nearly identical to moments "the earth moves" during erotic passion and the shared feeling of divine presence that chanting worshippers evoke in many faiths. Charismatic Catholics call it the Holy Spirit, Hindu's credit divine darshan and Sufis see Allah working, but even outside the orthodoxies these epiphanies are widely known. Take, for instance, this crystal clear riff from a Goa trance party veteran:  

The whole party becomes the offering (to the cosmic spirit), the music becomes the offering, the dance becomes the offering... The longer it goes on the more the trance comes and it comes to a point when every song is so perfect in the moment, in its timelessness, so perfect that you start to get chills up your spinal column and along the outside of your skin... Then at some point it comes like a bolt of lightning, through everyone all at once - Tsheeeeee!!! It's like a cosmic orgasm… And that's when the seed is being planted in everyone's subconscious that will hopefully grow and flower and make people more sensitive and aware of themselves, their surroundings, the crossroads of humanity and the needs of the planet. This is what our Goa parties, our holy rituals are all about and this is what we're trying to achieve.

(In fact this people becoming "more aware of themselves and the needs of the planet" business is what got "conspiracy" a bad rep in the first place. Medieval establishment lexicographers did not find it amusing when artisan class conspirations began giving commoners uncommon feelings of personal power and uppity ideas about their existential worth. These in turn spawned rebellious hungers for Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité and provoked an outbreak of reformations, enlightenments, and revolutions that deposed the Old Guard. These were indeed evil-doings for kings, popes and oligarchs of every stripe, and they have been obscured and demonized in their dictionaries ever since.)

Father of sociology Emile Durkheim believed such covenwork was the basic function of and motive for all ancient indigenous rituals. The feelings of shared divinity it provoked (with or without abetting herbs) reflected the power of the group back on to itself, and made participating members feel uniquely blessed and potent as well as deeply rooted in their world.

Covenwork is thus an egalitarian power play that returns the crowd energy animating the few in the spotlight back to the many who generate it on the ground. It demonstrates an ancient source of insight and courage that any and all of us can resort to and wield for the greater good.


The Mother Vibe
Earth Vibration/Shumann Resonance harmonics (7.8, 15.6, 23.4, 31.2, 39, 46.8, 54.6 & 109.2 Hz)

Humanity's Artistic Approximations
Brief sampling of ancient acoustic techniques to induce otherworldly sensations and conjoin a group's breathing, body rhythms and consciousness.

Instrumental Ambience (Simple to Complex)

Aboriginal Bullroarer (Australia)

Tribal Pipe Rhythms (Namibia)

Asurini Ritual Pipe (Amazon)

Classical Tambura Drone (India)

Aboriginal Didgeridoo Samples (Australia)

Medieval Court Music (China/Japan)

Medieval Court Music (Korea)

Vocal/Instrumental Transitions

Tuva Throat Singing (Mongolia)

Gyuto Monks (Tibet)

Iqaluit Throat Singing (British Columbia)

Inuit Throat Singing (Alaska)

Kecak Power Chants (Bali)

Choral Chanting

Cherokee Bear Chant (America)

Asurini Chant (Amazon)

Creek Indian Chorus

Bora Tribal Chant (Amazon)

Cherokee Spirit Chant (America)

Shingon Chanting (Japan)

Namgyal Buddhist Chanting (USA)

Bodhgaya Buddhist Chanting (India)



Who: Any self-selecting and/or social cause-linked group

How Many: 10 or 12 to several hundred

Criteria: Participants should be fully informed, consenting and aware of the event's purpose and intent.  In other words, they should all be mutually committed to provoking a profound shared experience.

The coven space should be crafted to evoke the greatest sensory and psychic unity. If everyone sees, hears and smells the same entrancing things while harmonizing their breathing, a convergence is well begun.

Music that helps entrain breath and heart rhythms

A subliminal ambient alpha range tone (7~8 cycles second) tuned to the Schumann Resonance. (Schumann Resonances—aka Gaia's brainwaves—are the ubiquitous lightning-fed standing waves between Earth's surface and the ionosphere, and are the principal electromagnetic background in our world.  Their fundamental frequency (≈ 7.8Hz) thus offers a common harmonic reference to synch all covenwork participants and perhaps eventually multiple covenworks around the world, e.g., Earth Hour 2.0.)

The following is a composite of 7.8Hz harmonics - i.e., the base tone and the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and thirteenth order harmonic overtones - from 7.8Hz to 109.2Hz. Most of what you/we can consciously hear are the 54.6Hz and 109.2Hz tones.

Infrasound gear would doubtless be better, but when absent, running a comparable harmonic array softly in the background might at least help some brainwaves align.

- Introductory: Imagery depicting the science & power of psychic entrainment and its effects in our lives, social bodies and history.

- Featured/focal: Graphic evocations of our ultimate identity with Nature, each other, and the planet as a whole, e.g., photos and/or footage from NASA, NOVA, Avatar, David Attenborough, etc.

A subtle rich natural scent that unifies the fragrance of the space.

Theaters, schools, public halls, churches, temples, ahrines, quiet outdoor spaces with electricity, etc.

Absolutely necessary: None

Useful: Film projection gear, quality PA system, drum(s)...

Desirable: Infrasound speakers (cf, Schumann Resonance), visibly flashing heartbeat monitors (cf, the firefly effect)...

Tentative schedule for early sessions

5 min: Self-introductory conversations among adjoining audience members finding out where they're coming from and their hopes for the event.

10 min: Short instructional film or presentation clarifying the history, science, and personal/social/political potential of transpersonal experiences.

10 min: Big Picture orientation - asking everyone to briefly pretend three highly improbable things:

  • Pretend that relative to the breadth and lifetime of just our single galaxy we are each inconceivably fleeting nano-wisps of subatomic dust; and
  • Pretend equally hard that relative to the breadth and lifetime of our constituent quarks we are also each unimaginably vast and near eternal entities; and finally
  • Pretend the indisputable truth of these incredibly improbable pretences makes you feel incredibly special yourself and perhaps possessed of special powers.

10 min: Break for absorption or discussion with area seat mates, last minute excretions, smokes, etc.

30 min: First evocation - induced/invited harmonization of the group's breathing, heart beats and brain waves using chants, music and/or infrasound; and unification of its consciousness with shared images, scents and sounds.

10 min: break (as quiet and introspective as possible)

30 min: Second evocation (with or without suggesting a focal intention if the fusion does occur).

If your effort is successful a few or many members will have a lot to share, both about what they have felt and how it could be used. Spend some time discussing the process as well and how it could be improved.

Just remember that this is all the beginning of a great collaborative learning experiment and many will have valuable insights to contribute - either about better music, chants and visuals or other ways to help the group to fuse.

First Stage Goal: Sensory/Inspirational

- Shared feelings of unity, interdependence and an immanent group power greater than its sum.

- Awareness that these states can be evoked anywhere with very little effort and no dogma at all.

- Palpable experiences and understanding of the power of participant's conjoined attention and its potential influence in the world, cf. Goa trance party quote above.

Second Stage Goal: Creative/Expressive
Collective post-fusion focus on a shared group intention or objective, e.g., physical/emotional healing, social problem solving, political organizing, improvisational creativity, etc.



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