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Early Intentions - Latest News
Art vs. Big Bodies

Though still early in construction, this site now hosts enough suggestive content to perhaps be of some use to the more urgent and precocious among you. We ultimately aim to self-awaken the entire immunogentile minority and offer them six new memes to save the world.

The awakening will take time, but the memes are ready to go and you are welcome to test whether they offer a brighter and more accurate take on modern society than the conventional wisdom we now endure.

In one sense, memes are simply information molecules that condition how we perceive and do things in the world. In the right hands and minds, the following can add up to a red pill that changes your perceptions and powers a lot. 



How-to identify and fortify the congenital immuno-activists of each body politic and the planet as a whole. 
Attentional Ki
How-to grasp and exploit human attention as our world's prime creative force.

Corporate Anthroculture
How-to see and slow psychosomatic conditoning for life-long subordination and neoteny.

Big Body Pathology
How-to envision the rise and remission of Big (corporate) Bodies as the dominant dis-ease source in our world.

Coven Works
How-to provoke shared states of awareness and compassionate populist power.

Earth Hour 2.0
How-to conjoin human consciousness and think Gaia's first collective thoughts.
Are You in the Magic 10%?
Immuno-activism - Immunogentrification

Our immune cell teachersPremise I: Roughly 10% of us seem congenitally moved to protect even distant people & ecosystems from degradation and attack. This blessed/cursed minority is the immune system of the body politic and the intended audience for our site. Check here first to see if you are involved.

Ki Power & Politics
Ki Powers - Attentional Magic

Ki powers & politicsPremise II: We must comprehend the central role of attentional ki in our history and our lives. Attentional ki is creatively nourishing, physically healing, and socially adhesive. It is also the key to understanding how Big (corporate) Bodies form and function and have hijacked our evolutionary course.

Big Body Pathology
Big Bodies - Big Bain

Big Bodies on the MovePremise III: Big (corporate) Bodies are now Earth's dominant life form and imperil the health of our societies, democracy and the surrounding biosphere. Until we approach these living systems as a new emergent class of being, single issue activism will keep dividing us, keep us fighting over symptoms instead of causes, and defeat us on the ground.

Understanding Anthroculture
Anthroculture - Endocrine Politics

Children vs. Corporate AnthroculturePremise IV: Big Bodies can only form and function if there is an endless supply of docile and diminished constituents ready to perform their work and feed them their ki energy. Anthroculture is corporate animal husbandry, the breeding & bonsai-ing of boys (primarily) for prolonged neoteny, submissiveness and terminal incorporation.

The Consensual Tech of Populist Power
Covenworks - Ki Covens

Balinese Covenwork Premise V: "We are as gods and might as well get good at it" and nothing can spread that wake-up faster than the divine sensation of our collective power when we breathe and feel as one. Coven "conspiracies" helped birth strange notions like "democracy" and open a fresh trail between religion and politics for evolutionary advance. 

Resources for Renewal
Solutions - New Paths to Progress
Big Bodies breathing... A Contemplative Arsenal of Immuno-active Insights

Symptomatic - grasping recurring patterns of harm

Therapeutic - excising personhood, belittling BIGness

Preventative - living system awareness training

Holistic - rebuilding economics from the Earth up



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