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Visually redefine the corporate assault on nature, humanity and democracy

Since our current legal and political tools for fighting corporate ills like resource wars, corruption, pollution and eco-devastation seem woefully inadequate, this project seeks to change the way we think about corporate life and suggest effective new ways to downsize it and bring it under control.

It is sponsored by Big Medicine, a small non-profit institute working to remedy corporate pathologies, and we now need graphic aid. If you are an artist and can help with any part of this, please contact us at the address below. There is a small budget for this work so this is not quite a pro bono plea.

We ultimately hope to create a compelling viral documentary with this material, but we first need a series of animated graphics to make the following concepts visible and easy to understand.

BIG BODIES: The Life of Corporate Organisms

Challenge I: depicting vast corporate bodies as predatory/parasitic living systems that now dominate our biosphere. Initially we require high altitude images simulating/tracking a global corporation's data flows, currency movements, resource extraction, waste expulsion, etc. In other words, we seek graphics that help us envision corporate bodies' dynamic nature as foraging, digesting, excreting and relentlessly growing entities that act, learn and behave like a new (and dangerous) form of life.

To the bandwagonBabylon risingAll aboard!

Parable of the Slime Mold showing how hundreds of thousands of independent amoeba cells
join together to briefly form a single unified organism just as incorporated humans can be
trained and conditioned to single-mindedly move and act as one.


This scenes we seek are intended to illustrate the same living system dynamics described in the Annals of the Great Fruition. This brief sci-fi story is a high altitude view of Earth in recent centuries that portrays these bodies' evolutionary emergence as the growth of aggressive cancers in the human body politic and the biosphere.

Anti-Corporate Self-Defense Lessons from our own Immune Cells

Challenge II: depicting the world's activist population as the biosphere's immune system and suggesting new strategies that radically improve their win/loss record when battling corporate ills.

Activists repeatedly find themselves divided and conquered by focusing on particular symptoms of corporate disease and forming single issue groups. If they emulated immune cells they would focus more attention on probing and disabling the fraternity of corporate pathogens that is the true background source of most of our suffering and causes the majority of the symptoms they/we face.

Graphically we need to show how different types of activists (journalists, researchers, lawyers, monkey wrenchers, satirists, teachers, organizers, etc.) correspond to different immune cell types (dendritic cells, killer T-cells, helper T-cells, B cells, etc.) and thus suggest collaborative strategies that don't need formal organizations (which individualistic activists are not very good at anyway).

THE POWERS OF ATTENTION: Its Psychic, Sexual, Immunological and Political Effects

Challenge III: visibly showing attention flows between people and between audiences and focal individuals (leaders, performers, preachers, etc.) as phosphorescent energy beams.

Since corporate organisms derive their life force and animating power from the collective milking, filtering and channeling of their human underlings' attentional energies, we need imagery to visually depict the upward suction of attention in hierarchies and its existential costs below.

Some of these sequences should therefore demonstrate that gross differences between attention paid out and attention received can generate very unequal trade balances and a corresponding loss or gain of vital energy. Studies show that attention transactions do affect social animals' vitality, libido and even immune function positively or negatively depending on their net surplus or deficit. The graphic challenge here is to simply show an enhanced or diminished radiance around the characters involved and the channels that charge or drain them. (Think of the power beams that shoot from the hands of sci-fi wizards, but gentler beams that emanate from and reenter our eyes.)

A very rough intro to attentional power and engineering is available here: "Ki & the Powers of Japan"

CONSPIRACIES: Evoking Egalitarian Insights and Insurgencies with Group Conspiration

Challenge IV: visually demonstrating the synergetic fusion that occurs when the members of a group focus their attention on a common object, activity or person and consciously (or not) synchronize their breathing, heart beats and brain rhythms. This was the first meaning of conspiracy (conspiration or breathing together) and enchantment - the magical feeling when chanting entrains a group's psycho-physiological rhythms and they feel their collective power.

Some anthropologists believe such experiences were the origin of religion since they provoke extremely deep emotions and an intuition of superhuman potential. When they occurred in officially sanctioned churches, temples, shrines, etc. the power the group experienced was usually attributed to the resident god, priest or ruler and thus supported the status quo.

If they occurred outside the orthodox institutions, however, as they did among medieval guilds of masons, smiths and other artisans, the participants often sensed the power was really their own and that they were as good as any of their rulers in the church or aristocracy. These feelings prompted radical notions like liberté, égalité, fraternité and inspired democratic revolts that earned the word conspiracy a terrible rep in establishment dictionaries to this day.


Gregorian ChantsKetchak coven in Bali Buddhists chanting

Officially approved "conspiracies" in Rome, Bali and Ladakh

In any case, the graphic challenge is to create something like energy auras around individuals in a chanting or trance dancing group and illustrate how breath/heart/neural synchronization causes their energy fields to fuse and generate a shared illumination rather greater than their sum.

The basic traditions and technology we are trying to illustrate are described as Covenworks and outlined here.

For more information, please contact us by email at the address below.

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