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Conspirational Tools to Unite Movements,
Belittle Big Bodies and Heal the World

Turning diverse activist gatherings into inspired engines for change.

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"Let us lift our vision high enough to dominate the problem."
-- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Raising our Sights, Stakes & Impact

Like life itself and our evolutionary enterprise, the Occupation has no exit strategy and there is no turning back. Evidently our only way out is up.

Not just getting high - although that never hurts, but everyone focusing their hope, passion and remedial intent in an old-fashioned, life-changing conspiracy - the conspiration of ancient covens, the synching of breath, pulse and brain waves until all conspirators awaken together feeling like they're part of god. Not a god of myth or history, but the living spirit of the Earth; and that ancient source of power is still accessible today.

Conspirational Covenworks in History

When a certain number of persons meet together in a sacred place with common devotion they move to sympathy supranatural powers. These communions can create psychic forces that palpably affect the spiritual and material environment... Avicenna, 1037 A.D.

Europe's medieval church was the corporate America of its day and ruled its subject territories with propaganda, threats and dread. It engulfed countless feudal governments and propped up any autocrat who would assail its foes and assist its constant spread.

The conspirators of the day were the era's guildsmen - the masons, smiths and carpenters who dealt with society, art and nature and created the manmade beauty of the land. These artisans saw inspired creativity as a manifestation of the divine and noticed that chanting made them feel more inspired so they chanted quite a lot.

Their obvious goal was enchantment, a feeling of shared supernatural energy that gave them fresh ideas and also assured them that they were as blessed and worthy as any men alive. Many had learned their chanting in a church, but if ever a numinous moment struck there they were told to bow and praise their lord. It had to be seen as a gift from "their" god and thus vindicate "their" rule.

Whenever craftsmen, women healers or other commoners tried conspiring on their own, however, it was another story. They were called witches, rebels and heretics, and savagely reviled.

Conspirational epiphanies made conspirators feel special both as a group and individually, so special in fact they kept forgetting to bow to their betters or seek their salvation in church and king.

Some even started promoting strange ideas like "liberté, égalité, fraternité" and soon became a royal pain. Thus in the 14th century organized conspiration outside the church - in guild halls or women's covens - was declared a treacherous source of heresy and condemned as a capital crime.

New Grace from Geeky Times

Our conspiring ancestors knew how to invite enchantment without really grasping its tech, just as they made perfectly fine fires and music without a clue about chemistry or acoustics.

What they did seem to comprehend was that you need at least ten or twelve people to make a conspiracy work and you have to focus and chant together for a pretty long time.

We now know the true key to these epiphanies is the synching of a group's neural rhythms and the momentary identity of the content of their minds.

The best frequencies for provoking these states are the lowest in the alpha range - 7 to 8 cycles per second - the same vibration observed in deep meditation and the Schumann Resonance, the background vibration of the Earth.

Alpha waves enhance our receptivity and when combined with identical conscious content - e.g., the same music, visuals and fragrance, these states lessen the difference between our minds and thin their boundaries til they're unclear. From this transparency arises an electric feeling of "we-ness" that bonds us to each other and the planet as a whole, and evokes an unshakable feeling of belonging that can truly set us free.

Our ancestors may have not known this science, but they intuitively did work to synch their group's brain waves by uniting its breathing and heartbeats with chants and dance and drums.

Sometimes it worked, sometimes not, but when it did the sensation was so life-affirming and rapturous that people defied the Inquisition's terror and evoked it covertly for centuries on end.


In the US today covenworks and the conspiracy effect are still intuitively conjured in charismatic revivals, trance raves and black churches, but they exercised their greatest political effect in the 19th century labor movement.

The Knights of Labor were the vanguard of the populist era and used chants in their secret lodge meetings to foster unity and zeal. Their resulting insights led them to fearlessly campaign not just for worker rights, but for total workplace democracy and absolute equality among the sexes as well as all races, creeds and jobs.

They were eventually crushed by the railroad trusts and their police and politicians; and the egalitarian economic democracy they fought for a century ago is still unrealized today.

Occupy the Planet, Shrink the Corporations, Heal the Whole Bleeding World

Whatever the Occupation's final list of demands, one early goal has to be ridding the world of all the monstrously oversized corporate bodies behind our wars, inequality and eco-social ills. This campaign to reclaim human dominion from corporate life will require great energy: energy we can create with conspiracy, energy we can draw from the Earth.

Occupationistas' Common Scourge
Big Body Bane
The Key to Peace, Justice and Evolution:
Downsize & Democratize Big Bodies Everywhere

Where / How / Why to Conspire

Creature-Planet Communications
Covenwork in Navi Land
are not just a Navi fairytale…

(After a little practice many can learn to pretend all three at once, and still be able to stand up. Beginners should be cautioned, however, that this can sometimes open eyes so abruptly and dilate pupils so wide that bright lights should be avoided and sunglasses are justified.)

  1. Recruitment: Gather at least ten or twelve brothers and/or sisters together in a warm meaningful space.

  2. Mission Statement: Explain that this is a non-sectarian and purely scientific effort to briefly unify our neural rhythms with each other and those of the Earth.

  3. Background: Quickly describe what ancient conspiracies really were, how they catalyzed democracy and why they were condemned and feared by the 1% of their day.

  4. Grasping the Terrain - Ask everyone to pretend for 10 minutes 3 improbable things:
    1. Pretend that relative to the breadth and lifetime of just our single galaxy we are each inconceivably fleeting nano-wisps of subatomic dust; and
    2. Pretend equally hard that relative to the breadth and lifetime of our constituent quarks we are also each unimaginably vast and near eternal entities; and finally
    3. Pretend the indisputable truth of these incredibly improbable pretences makes you feel incredibly special yourself and perhaps possessed of special powers.
  5. Harmonize: Ask everyone attending to then focus all their attention on a single image or symbol, ideally the Earth, and whatever music is playing; and then breathe, sing or chant together in their chosen common fashion until they harmonize their breath, pulse and neural frequencies.

  6. Metabolize: Ask them to attempt this for 20 minutes and then break for 10 of silence or quiet talk with neighbors about sensations thus far.

  7. Harmonize again: Finally ask everyone to conspire again for another half hour, which is signaled, but let them all go on until they naturally want to stop.

  8. Contemplate, Improve, Apply: If your effort is successful a few or many members will have a lot to share, both about what they have experienced and how it could be used. Spend some time discussing the attempt and how it can be improved. This is all the beginning of a great collaborative learning process and you are in on the ground floor.

Cosmic Orgasmics

The epiphany we're invoking is a temporary breakthrough of collective awareness, but the feeling is not easy to describe. Charismatics call it a visit from the "Holy Spirit," Jews "Ruach Elohim," Sufis "al- Ruh al-Qudus," and Goa trancers "Tsheeeee!!! A cosmic orgasm!" All agree though that it occurs suddenly, transports you to a whole new altitude, and feels quite divine.

This force has always been with us as a species and when we understand how our psychosomatic synchronization triggers it, we can all begin to use it for personal, political and evolutionary growth.

Once we see how simply we can create these magical moments, our power as a people to redesign our future will be hugely magnified. They will also confirm all our intuitions of our essential equality, inalienable rights and the wonder of our world

Big Bodies in Love

As history teaches, once enough of us feel this amazing sense of unity, interdependence and empowerment, there is no going back; and tyrants, CEOs and the über-rich should kiss goodbye to dominion and start working on exit plans.

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