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wdk mugWladislav David Kubiak is an Asia-based American journalist, think tank director, and anti-megacorp activist. Besides provocative publicity stunts like attacking Japanese yakuza gangs, running for Kyoto mayor, or winning the Democratic Vice-Presidential contest in the 2000 New Hampshire Primary, he is best known for his metamedical approach to eco-social illls and activism. Inspired by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, James Grier Miller, Ken Reiner and Eastern medical lore, Kubiak has used media, conferencing and electoral politics to publicize memes for "Big Body" (mega-corporate) disease[1], immuno-activism[2], industrial anthroculture[3], and the transformative powers of human attention[4].

Once described by Whole Earth Review as "one of the most interesting minds on the planet"[5], Kubiak depicts our era as the endgame in an evolutionary contest between sensual human communities and "Big Bodies", vast corporate entities, which he describes as "alive, in charge and out of control."[6] He argues that insights from superorganisms, living systems theory, and immune cell biomimicry may offer more effective remedies than traditional political activity and that downsizing, decentralizing and democratizing "big bodies" across the board are our only hope of regaining democracy, planetary health or evolutionary control.

Personally and professionally, Kubiak has led the life of a post-Sixties Forrest Gump and crossed paths with an improbable array of influential figures, organizations and issues.


Personal Background

Born in 1945 Kubiak attended Kent State and Kennebunk High Schools, majored in psychology, philosophy and pre-med studies at Bowdoin College, and served in the US Peace Corps' first South Korea rural health program until 1970. He then moved to Kyoto, Japan where he studied Eastern medical theory, taught media studies, ran underground event spaces, and worked as an activist journalist. [7] From 2000 to 2008, he returned to the US where he experimented with new forms of activism and founded Big Medicine, a non-profit think tank focused on "the corporate takeover of our countries, cultures and consciousness". He is married, has three children, and divides his time between Kyoto, Kennebunkport, Maine, and Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Japan Work

In Japan, Kubiak is best known for:

  • His 1982 3-week prison hunger strike and subsequent no-fault release after industrially fumigating a Kyoto yakuza office, incinerating the boss's mansion gate, and publicly challenging him to a duel. The incident drew media attention to uninvestigated rural land thefts by Kyoto's gangsters and police on behalf of big pre-fab housing corporations.[10]
  • His 1988 founding of the Kokusai Shimin (International Citizen) Access Center, a grassroots media & computer networking office that brought together thirty different single issue activist groups to study new media tech and develop collaborative strategies. KOSAC members' main common denominators were frustration at their country's dysfunctional democracy[11]and recognition that almost all their issues were caused or worsened by corporatist power. This twin focus defined most of KOSAC's work and Kubiak's subsequent activities.

Kubiak and KOSAC went on to partner with Fritjof Capra's Elmwood Institute and Jerry Mander's Public Media Center in San Francisco to organize East/West symposia, workshops and conferences on living systems theory and transformational thinking[12], including the 1990 Chikyu Saisozo (Renewing the Earth), Japan's first international environmental journalism conference. This four-day 800-person strategy summit brought all Japan's major media groups and top environmental journalists together with prominent foreign activists including David Brower, David Suzuki, Hazel Henderson, Randy Hayes, Frances Moore Lappé, Jerry Mander, et al. to discuss the greening and democratization of the world's media environment[13][14]

  • His 1989 championing of populist imperial pretender Kumazawa Takanobu[15] as the true successor to Emperor Hirohito and rightful heir to Japan's chrysanthemum throne. Takanobu was the eldest son of Kumazawa Hiromichi AKA Kumazawa Tenno (熊澤天皇 - "Emperor Kumazawa"), who fought for the democratization of Japan and its imperial system after World War II and made international headlines when he claimed the throne in 1946.[16][17][18][19]

At Shinchihaya, Kubiak started the Coven Works project to create new improvisational music forms[28]; design the first Earth Hour, a monthly global alpha state; and explore the promise of literal conspiracies where small groups breathe together until their heart beats and neural rhythms synchronize.[29][30]

  • His 1995 recognition as environmental activist of the year by the million-strong Kansai Coop movement, which published a 24-page tribute to his campaigns and ideas.[31]
  • His 1996 creation of the first website for the Forum of Democratic Leaders in the Asia-Pacific (FDL-AP)[32]at the request of Kim Dae-Jung, whom he had known in Japan before Kim's 1973 kidnapping.
  • Organizing Japan's first public showing of the anti-dolphin slaughter documentary The Cove in September 2009[33] and director Louie Psihoyos' press events at the 2009 Tokyo Film Festival[34][35]

US Projects

Memetic Work

  • Co-produced and co-hosted "Ain't that Good News", a 2002-2003 activist strategy show on New York's WBAI FM. The program focused on the interlinked issues of militarism, diminishing rights, and unbridled corporate power.[50]

Political Work

  • Served as John Buchanan's campaign manager, press secretary and speechwriter [54]in the 2004 New Hampshire GOP Presidential Primary. Journalist Buchanan had documented the Prescott Bush-Nazi complicity story[55] and he ran against George W. Bush as a Republican 9/11 truth candidate. Buchanan was interviewed on CSPAN and 34 different radio outlets; and he won 836 votes[56][57][58]
  • Ran as a 2004 Green Independent Party candidate for Maine State Senate in the Herbert Walker Bush family's home district on a "Secede from Corporate America" platform[59] and won 15% of the vote[60].

Journalistic Work

  • Worked with the Maine Indy Media Center from 2002 to 2005 and edited the Countercoup News, a 4-page anti-corporate supplement to the group's "Maine Commons" newspaper.

911 Truth Work

  • Co-produced the first New York 9/11 truth conferences[62] and radio shows[63] to question the official government account.
  • Served from 2003 to 2005 as the founding executive director and webmaster of 911truth.org, the first national organization and web portal for the 9/11 truth movement. His primary achievements were designing the New York and national Zogby 9/11 polls (which showed majority support for a new independent 9/11 investigation)[65][66], co-writing the Justice for 9/11 Appeal to New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, and organizing the 2005 DC and 2008 Santa Cruz Truth Emergency conferences][67][68].
  • Published three full-page "9/11 truth" ads in the arch-conservative Manchester Union Leader, which ran the last four days of the New Hampshire 2004 presidential primary.[69][70][71]

PR Work

  • Produced articles, op-eds, and PR projects promoting religious freedom[72], media democratization[73].
  • Organized Mineko Iwasaki's 2001 lawsuit, US tour and PR blitz against Arthur Golden for "exploiting and defaming" her in Memoirs of a Geisha. After finding Iwasaki a translator and agent for her own memoir, he ran the campaign to build interest in her manuscript, which Pocket Books bought for $400,000 and published as Geisha, a Life in 2003.[74]
  • Served as Communications Director of Planktos, the controversial ecosystem restoration firm where he created the initial website, wrote the first Wikipedia page on iron fertilization and the Plankton Manifesto[75], designed PR videos[76], organized the carbon neutralization of the 2007 Chicago Green Festival[77]and the firm's March 2007 "Voyage of Recovery" National Press Club conference. He also negotiated the ill-fated greening of the Vatican [78]. He was terminated soon afterwards for differences with management. Planktos was dissolved eight months later.[79]

India Activities

  • Co-founded the Kyoto Shimin Gaiko Kyokai (????????- Kyoto Citizen Diplomacy Association) that linked Kyoto, Japan and Udaipur, Rajasthan in a grassroots sister city relationship in the Nineties and sponsored exchanges of artists, educators and environmental activists.[80]
  • Guest edited with Big Medicine colleagues a special 2007 World Affairs issue on 21st Century Health & Corporate Pathology[81]

Typical Writings


Big Body Theory


Attention Engineering

Corporate Anthroculture

Notable Quotes

  • "We live in the age of corporate organisms. Though no formal announcements have been issued it's becoming harder to ignore that they have wrested control of the earth from Homo sapiens and supplanted us as the planet's dominant species. It is they - the multinationals, government bureaucracies, religious hierarchies, military bodies, et al. - not individual humans, that generate our era's character - its patterns of wealth & poverty, its technological progress & ecological peril, its entertainment & political agenda. They have, in short, taken over."
  • "Many decades ago, large organizations were recognized as true 'living systems.' That is, they behave purposefully, cohere over time, adapt to their environment, ingest/process/excrete substances, display homeostatic reflexes, maintain an internal sense of self/identity, respond (aggressively/defensively) to perceived threats, learn, grow, multiply, age, die, etc. Inexplicably, the full implications of this insight - that our species shares the biosphere with an exponentially larger, more potent and rapidly evolving life form that may not necessarily share our values or aspirations - have never been adequately explored."[82]
  • "Taxonomically, the Big Body species includes the monstrous conglomerates, multinationals and banking firms that control most of the world's economy and determine the policies, media content and conventional wisdom of our age. They are the primary drivers of war, pollution, overconsumption and eco-devastation as well as intensifying oligarchy, tyranny and human rights abuse worldwide. Most are publicly listed corporations, many are global in reach, but all are dangerously oversized and out-competing human beings for planetary control."
  • "The central conflict of our century, the final showdown for social justice and ecological redress will not be between left and right, North and South or even rich and poor. It's a contest between the rampant Big Bodies on the planet and a world of human scale, a fight for planetary dominion between our biped species with its quaint holistic values and vast corporate organisms obsessed with cancerous growth." [83]



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