What are your thoughts on this? Any ideas on how to rewarp a record? @Dennis Penner: My advice is, if it still plays, leave it alone. Whether you are a casual listener or a serious audiophile / vinyl record collector, many of us here at DiscoMusic.com have accumulated thousands of vinyl records over the years. We get asked a lot of questions about what Goo Gone works on. These are some really, really good ideas!! I've used Discwasher D4 by RCA. The problem is you can only do one side at a time and it takes usually 8+ hours to dry here on the Gulf Coast. Seems like this would help to dig up the stuff and make a second cleaning session with a proper solution more effective. Some are scratched and havent been played very recently. You can try a drop or two of dishwashing liquid in addition to see if it helps. After all the above some or all of your your records might *still* contain nasty germs and/or dirt, so I would suggest you rip all disks one at a time on a computer as high fidelity (e.g. David, that's a tough one. Label: Warner Bros. Records - 7-16705 • Format: Vinyl 7 The Goo Goo Dolls* - Here Is Gone (2002, Vinyl… Best of luck. These folks who keep swearing by the D4 cleaning brush, that D4 system is a *light weight*. After lots of experiments I foud that the glue needs to be thick enough not to see the black vinyl and left to dry completely clear before attempting peeling off. Comprised of cover renditions of classic fan-favorites as well as two new originals all in the spirit of Christmas, the album promises to deliver a much-needed warmth and hope to 2020. Static is strong in winter due to moisture I find records all the time in my GoodWills and Salvation Armys. That will have good directions? If you parties get really out of hand, well... Discwasher D4 Record Cleaning Kit did not get deep into the grooves. Rachel, > Does anyone have suggestions for a cleaning method that also sterilizes/disinfects? Get a squirt bottle and squirt distilled water as a rinse. Shop used vinyl records, music, movies and more at Darkside Records, the Hudson Valley's biggest independent record store. on vinyl & CD at Juno Records, the worlds largest dance music store. It pulls off real easy and all in one piece. I can barely even remember exactly what I had. Thanks for your help. The important thing is to thoroughly rinse the cleaning solution and dry your records without scratching them. I tried using a couple drops of photoflow in a gallon of deionized water... even with just 2 small drops it seemed like the water had somewhat of a film that was hard to wash off. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2002 Vinyl release of Here Is Gone on Discogs. Kodak wetting agent (surfactant). residue (they disintegrate/run over a number of years) I have found eucalyptus oil to be the only thing that works. I fixed a badly warped record this way once. I even tried a bottle of their new super cleaner PUREenzyme+, (for an extra $40) and it still has yet to impress me. Where would be the best place for me to pick up the right carbon fiber brush for the job? Good sound starts with a clean and static-free vinyl record. If it doesn't say specifically for records then do not use it. Great for wiping the dust off newer clean records too. My advice is to let them come apart on their own. Then try using some household items instead. Try a medical supply place for it. I have this sticky "goo" on this cd that came from foam padding [...] Any other suggestions? I am over 50 and used to be big on Vinyl until someone stole my system many years ago. H E L P ... How can I store my huge vinyl record album collection in a rented storage building that is NOT CLIMATE CONTROLLED for the next 9 months? Is it Wd-40 Or Goo Gone? It's not as hard as it seems, I can knock out an album in under 5 mins. Follow up with a standard cleaning and you should be good to go. Goo Gone is a miracle worker when it comes to removing sticky messes, makeup, wax, gum and even carpet stains. Ron, There's an independent music store owner in my area (if I printed the name of the city I live in he'd immediately recognize it's him I'm talking about) who refuses to even consider accepting any record that's not crystal clean and as a result, his stock of used items sucks and his store is practically always empty. Another option for cleaning dirty records is dishwashing liquid without any moisturizers such as plain versions of Joy or Dawn. You sent this unsolicited email to me, otherwise I would not have responded. After installation, I thought it looked very nice. The salesman had told me that the adhesive on the back would NOT be enough to make it adhere to the floor and said I should buy a Henry adhesive. Also make sure to store your vinyl records properly as described in the article above to avoid warping and damage to the record jacket. #4 Removing Paper Tape from Glass Goo Gone works great for removing tape or stickers from glass , like on your bathroom mirror or car window. i can't believe this article, nor anyone in the comments, mentioned the wood glue method. About to start selling my vinyl collection on EBAY. But the records were still unplayable because they were pretty badly scratched and nothing seems to remove scratches of course. Use it sparingly. There are a number of commercial cleaners on the market that do not contain alcohol (e.g., products from Record Research Labs or … Let's discuss some proven ways of cleaning records either with a record cleaning machine or by hand with brushes and ready-made record cleaning solutions. Thanks! And if you smoke, or have a smoker around your records, that is a super effective way to thoroughly dirty a record because the smoke will find the deepest grooves and possibly ruin the record. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with regular record cleaning solution or alcohol if you must. I played the cd and it still plays. Keep your record player clean for smooth play with this Crosley Groove Goo vinyl record cleaner. Do NOT use lighter fluid, bleach, WD40, Armor-All or baby lotion on records. I have cleaned all my vinyl using the spin clean system and all sound great, just using Discwasher D4 to clean before playing. I recomend avoid spreading it when you wipe, try to keep it contained best you can. If it's a good one then it must be defective and you should return it. waiting on a reply. The turntable even had 4 bands of lights to fine tune the speed of the turntable. Second question: I always did prefer the less sticky translucent plastic sleeves or the paper ones, sounds like that was a good plan. Has anyone been brave enough to try CYBER CLEAN on your records? would this help ??? Be sure to rinse the record before drying! I've just scored a whole lot of classic rock albums and need to clean them and you guys have given me great advice, thanks again. (Comments are in reverse order meaning from newest to oldest. This Crosley Groove Goo vinyl record cleaner has a fresh scent to remove bad odors and comes in a convenient jar with a lid. Keeping the records clean is just as important. Its the best ive used! C. Let it dry thoroughly. Someone once asked on the DiscoMusic.com forums about using lighter fluid to clean records. One simply places the record on the platter, prime the pump to apply the record cleaning solution and let the record spin a few revolutions to work loose any dirt and oils that are in the grooves of the record. The cleaner eliminates dirt, dust and debris without leaving scratch marks. I've never had record jackets stick to one another so I could not give you a definitive answer. Just a couple of drops right on the residue and let it soak about in 1 min. This works on surface dirt, but will not do much if the record is filthy dirty. I found that the supplied clothes were ok for the first few records, but dirt drys and creates more clicks and pops. B. Sometimes this sticky residue can be cleaned away with a simple cleaner and other times requires drying out the sticky substance first. It's cheap, very effective on used vinyl and compares with the big boys of record cleaning fluids. So my recommendation is the following, to minimize solvent/vinyl contact: Absolutely. Also a new needle will probably go a long way to making old LPs sound better. You could also use the same cleaners sold for use in machines, but you'll need to buy a good record cleaning brush to use them. The Discwasher D4 record cleaning kits with the large brush is perfectly fine if you can still find it. What do you think about the classic "Discwasher" record cleaning brush and liquid method? In addition to the above you should read: 10 Things NOT to do to Your Vinyl Records. Latex is supposed to be completely removed during the process and cannot fill in a scratch. The trick is to apply bleach, let it soak a few minutes and then carefully rinse it under a faucet while rubbing both sides of the record between your thumb and your forefinger, in a circular motion in the direction of the grooves, until all of the bleach is gone. A record cleaning machine is a self contained unit with a motor that turns a platter with a vacuum and suction tube which has an applicator pad or soft brush. You should really consider spending the extra money and storing your records in a climate controlled storage facility as nine months is a long time. Nor can it remove them, since a scratch is the result of the removal of vinyl from an LPs surface. Believe it or not (I didn't first time I was told), soap is a disinfectant. If the record was already well maintained and mostly clean then the D4 is fine for your needs. However, I'm looking for brushes on E-bay, and the feedback for them isn't positive. Vinyl View as: Grid List Sort By Best Value Name: A-Z Name: Z-A Price: High-Low Price: Low-High Bestsellers But it can get expensive so would the combination of alcohol and distilled water work best? But that is enough. Forum Policies, Rules, and Terms of Service. All the info you need to preserve and maintain your vinyl records are here in one place. I thought about putting it between 2 panes of glass and putting it in the sun for a while. You must have bought the D4 refill bottle only as the Discwasher D4 record cleaning kit comes with a suitable brush along with the solution. Thanks and I wish a good New years for everyone. So my recommendation is the following, to minimize solvent/vinyl contact: 1. Think about it for a moment,.. in the winter time it's easy top build up static charge and shock your friends. Use a DRY record cleaning brush for daily use instead like a carbon fiber record brush. Pay 40 - 50 dollars for a cleaning solution... Well, I think this has worked great for me over the 40 years of enjoying vinyl. Shop 76 records for sale for album Good girl gone bad by Rihanna on CDandLP in Vinyl and CD format If you got this far thank you for reading ablut my cleaning methods/rituals. Scrubbing bubbles with OXY Clean might  A few of them needed a little more time to come apart, one set I tried to pull apart and some of the label came off of one record while sticking to the other. Also, I NEVER see any so-called "crud" come off my LPs. Speaking of ruining a record, one must NEVER use solvents other than plain distilled water, 90% alcohol, or detergent which must be thoroughly rinsed off. I want to know if there is some good glue that I can use to close up the album covers that have separated at the top or bottom. Once the records are in "decent shape", I use the Nitty Gritty "Pure 2" solution with the KAB EV-1. i bought a rare, out of print record to give as a gift (out of state and by the time it was opened to play we noticed the sticy residue, and of course it's too late to return it to the store even though it wasn't in good shape when i bought it). with a paint brush dragging in the opposite direction, Those brush bristles will not hurt the  Buy Goo! GOO GOO DOLLS Vinyl Records and CDs Often compared to the Replacements and Cheap Trick, the Goo Goo Dolls' tattered, anthemic beginnings were documented on Metal Blade Records -- home to such other "alt-rockers" as D.R.I., GWAR, and Fates Warning. It's not made any more (THANK GOD!) The kind for an older Zippo lighter. Many are NASTY dirty, some actually have a gritty muddy residue on them and lots of the records are stuck together by the labels. Sure hate to throw them out. I have a quick question. What Records is recognised by many as the number 1 UK online Vinyl Supplier we also have many exclusive items too. Hopefully, I'll never need to do this, but I'm sure it will help many who have to deal with this problem. While not as effective as the above methods, you can still get records relatively clean. Latex will remove deep-seated dirt and dust (and possibly some grease), nothing more. Thanks for the update on how to separate vinyl records that have been stuck together from a flood. Okay, someone tie all the purists and record collectors down and I will tell... Jukeboxes may take up to 2 business days. Sure hate to throw them out. Find a way to recreate a humid environment and you will eliminate static and frying. 5 releases, an annihilating cyclone of ’80s Hardcore of the fiercest kind, respectively from Japan, Colombia and Italy. The great thing about cleaning your records is that it doesn't take a lot of equipment, but there are choices. That said, anyone interested in buying a used one? I should note that I'm particular about the cleaning, so others may do it in less time. Buy Goo! For them 'stuck particles' I've actually had some luck with a paint brush. Never touch the record with your fingers as the oil and dirt can transfer to the record. I have the KAB EV-1, the manual version of the Nitty Gritty machine where you use your own vacuum and turn the vinyl by hand. Would playing the record with an older needle the first time after cleaning them help to 'plow' the gunk out of the grooves, or make it worse? Vinyl Buddy's specialty roller attracts and removes things like dust and pet hair from your records. Responses to a number of points above, picked up from looking after my vinyl back in the days of yore, 1 topic per post: Removing the latex takes dust and other gunk with it, leaving the LP in as good condition as you can possibly make it. We saw a post reccomending the Kodak sufatant as a wetting agent... not a good idea. Take the record off the cleaning surface and clean the platter before flipping the record over to clean the other side. Use a few drops on a clean sponge or rag damp with quite warm water, being careful to not get any on the label (or it *will* make the dye run). Thanks a bunch. > how to remove the plastic residue left by some plastic inner sleeves mainly from the sixties/seventies? I treat every one like the Mona Lisa. I do not trust ammonia, either. Remember, that these carbon fiber brushes are for a quick DRY wisk in-between plays and are NOT to be used for deep cleaning with wet solutions. Another trick is to just play the record, the needle will plow the grooves and dig out dust/ashes, then rinse clean or I also like the compressed air for this. The trade off is the results are awesome. My normal routine is to take really dirty records and spray them off with a squirt bottle with a couple cap fulls of spin clean solution and rest distilled water. Dave Hansan. Thanks for this thread because it took me back. So, this month’s release schedule on F.O.A.D. I don't have a lot of money to spend on a turntable, so I started with a Sony model that was about $110. (because the cold drops all humidity to the ground.) About Vinylify. I buy records that are left lying around in piles without covers and in very poor disregard just about anywhere I can find them. Please proceed with extreme caution if you decide to use Goo-be-gone … The Discwasher D4 Record Cleaning Kit is now made by RCA. Price: $24.98 + $3.99 shipping: ... That being said, the first three GOO GOO Dolls records were pretty much punk-edged rock with a lot of tongue in cheek humor. I started with the Spin Clean. If you store them in their sleeves and do not handle them with dirty hands, they should not get very dirty in the first place. Pick a cleaner that is mild but strong enough to actually lossen "crud" and use a old turntable We are making some updates and reconfigurations to our server. I am new to vinyl and would really love to have this record cleaned up so I can properly show off and listen to my discovery. Can't remember whether I left it in sun or shade on a hot day, the shade would be safer re not liquefying the disk I'm thinking. There are other wetting agents that don't leave residue on your records... Kodak does! Follow this up with a cleaning product and a good rinse in distilled water. 4.9 out of 5 stars 23 ratings. Read more. with a hobby compressor. Recommended Starter Record Cleaning Setup, properly functioning and aligned phono cartridge, plastic outer sleeves and use poly inner sleeves, Record cleaning solutions (manual and vacuum), 10 Things Not to do to Your Vinyl Records, How to Choose Inner and Outer Record Sleeves, http://siarchives.si.edu/services/forums/collections-care-guidelines-resources/separating-photos-are-stuck-together, Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer System, Clean records generally have less distortion, which give you a more open and detailed sound with less ticks and pops, Clean records last longer since you are reducing friction and not digging dirt into the grooves, Reduce or eliminate the chance of the stylus skipping due to built up gunk in the grooves, Increases the collector value of your vinyl records especially if you use good quality inner and outer sleeves, Can prolong the life of your cartridge/stylus (see #2), Hold the cleaning brush bristle side up in your hand and apply the liquid from one end of the brush to the other, and not on the record itself, Take the damp brush and place it on top of the record with one edge just outside the label area and the other end by the record's outer edge, While gently holding the wet brush at a 45 degree angle against the record, turn the platter counter-clockwise a few times to work the dirt loose, Alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise to remove stubborn dirt, but do not dig the brush into the record–just keep a light touch to avoid scratching the record, After going around your record three or four times, the applicator brush should be getting dry and/or dirty. Use soft cloth soaked with Goo Gone. Some vinyl record sleeves have had gotten wet and stuck to other records :'( Does anyone know a way to dry the sleeves and get record sleeves unstuck from each other...Thanks very much people. > Any ideas on how to rewarp a record? Weather Stripping. Remove adhesive with Goo Gone. the so-called "crud" is a watered down amonia. Take care not to wet the label. I can say this as I have tried them all and have not been overly impressed with any on my clearaudio cleaning machine. Any suggestions on a quality brush that will get the job done? Ok so my basement can leak water when it rains. Leaving the records out for prolonged periods of time, handling them with dirty hands, and having food or drink on them will dirty a record quickly. I am now trying white vinegar and distilled water with steam as a main cleaner, will let you know! thank you 1. one gallon of DISTILLED water Thanks for any suggestions. You will want to finish up by using distilled water as a final rinse. I never use anything other than what I just recommended for cleaning. What are your thoughts on de-natured alcohol? BE VERY CAREFUL! Record care article as featured on https://www.discomusic.com No. Please proceed with extreme caution if you decide to use Goo-be-gone and let us know what worked for you. While you could attempt making your own record cleaning solution from household items, it is far better to buy ready-made solutions which are safe for use in record cleaning machines and on modern vinyl records (non-shellac). I thought about putting it between 2 panes of glass and putting it in the sun for a while. this is good information because many sellers will sell vinyl records at deep discounts if they are dusty or dirty but otherwise re-usable after being cleaned (I guess they don't want to take the time to clean them). First question: I am new to vinyls, i have just received a vinyl collection of about 200 LP's and many a single all of witch are quite old with some rather expensive ones as well so I REALLY want to be careful when cleaning. Tracklist: Dirty Boots; Tunic (Song For Karen) Mary-Christ; Kool Thing; Mote; My Friend Goo The brushes I was using were not defective and I am pretty sure all carbon fiber brushes will have the same problem, but I have not tested them all so I can't say that for sure. i have got a new record brush & still Crackles at the end. particles easily. I have a few hundred records that need cleaning as they were left in storage and got damp. hi dear Alloy. However as these are not truly mine my pay back for receiving them is to convert them all to, ultimately mp3, possibly via CD. Do NOT use rubbing alcohol or witch hazel as they contain additives that can harm your records. After reading the post from John Lasruk on 1/12/08 thought I would give that option a try. Goo Gone, a commercial oil-based solvent and cleaner, has been deemed safe by its manufacturer for use on almost any surface, including your car's exterior paint. And the Nitty Grity process really does very little to improve over a good soap and water treatment. Warpage is the most typical damage inflicted upon stacked records. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2006 Vinyl release of Iris / Stay With You on Discogs. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Cleaning your albums with a manual cleaner is very easy and the instructions below apply to most brands. Here is my tried and true method for liberating a record… I lost an investment of over $5,000.00 back in the 1970's That was a huge amount back then. Studio equipment. Following the company from its very early days, I have seen Music On Vinyl (MOV) grow from an enthusiastic seedling of a company to a level in which it dominates the vinyl sector with well over 1,000 issues on its catalogue. You should make it a habit to keep your records clean for the following reasons: Vinyl discs that are kept clean and free of dirt, dust and oils from one's fingers will sound much clearer and more importantly last longer. Comments? Thanks in advance! I've had decent success using distilled water and 90% alcohol with dish soap. I have NOT noticed any improvement in record fidelity. ***UPDATE*** My question is....will this rubber latex remove scratches (and/or fill them in) and how do I apply this?" Also pay attention not to allow the cleaning fluid to drip on the platter or turntable finish. It takes careful practice. Wall Paper. Once the stain or sticky mess is removed, however, the Goo Gone leaves behind a greasy residue that creates a mess of its own. Place the album on a towel flat on the table. Aluminum. Here's a great way to remove dirt from the deepest groove of an LP: Order online today and get FREE UK delivery on orders over £50. Now I ask is what I'm dong right? What sound damage might occur from storing records flat on top of one another? The sudsy solution should dissolve the crud, but you may need to do it a few times taking care not to get any of it on the label. In the wash process I use a new paint brush with the bristles squeezed together, I work the cleaning solution into the grooves in the opposite direction that a tone-arm would go. Discwashers are great for light dust and static. Goo-Gone did very little to break down the adhesive but it did smell lemony fresh afterwards. DJ Vinyl Lot of 20 Dance Music Records - Funk Soul Disco House Breaks Boogie 12" $69.99 Johnny Rivers Whisky A Go-Go Original 1967 Vinyl LP Album Sunset Records SUS5157 That makes sense, it works on a ton of different sticky, gooey messes. Once dry, I used the above mentioned denatured alcohol method to wipe clean them again and most are now quite playable. You can later Photoshop the dirt off those pics and print new labels if you want, or just leave them as pic-files on your computer. 19 The AudioQuest anti-static record brush reaches into the groove, pulling out dust and dirt that would otherwise snap, crackle, and pop through your speakers. Before you do, remember that in order to extract the best sound from your discs it's important to start with scrupulously clean records and equipment including your stylus. Removes Dust and Dirt Without Scratching; Normal order processing time is 1 business day for most items. I worked in a record store & I remember using a 50/50 solution of denatured alcohol & distilled water with a soft cloth (old t-shirts) for general record cleaning. the records i have are rare & the Vinyls look good (all most like new ). Goo Gone will remove vinyl tinted windows and residue. Steaming [Only with distilled, not tap water] is also great and I have audio samples of before and after 6 different steams and each time up to the 5th the difference is clearly audible.Seemed to stop improving after the 4th, guess it was as clean as it was ever going to be. . Great article! Goo Gone is excellent at removing sticky, gooey stuff. What I have done to fix them is carefully laying a bead of superglue-gel along the split edge and then laying the split in between two heavy objects. How To Clean Vinyl Records & Get Better Sound, 10 Things NOT to do to Your Vinyl Records, How To Choose Inner & Outer Record Sleeves. Label: Warner Bros. Records - W736 • Format: Vinyl 7 The Goo Goo Dolls* - Iris / Stay With You (2006, Vinyl) | Discogs Sounds like good advice, does it make sense to throw it on the record vacuum cleaning machine after the Isopropanol? The aftermath that Goo Gone leaves in its tracks can make it unappealing to use for your sticky messes. Latex will do NOTHING for scratches. should i replace the 7" Records from the U.K or buy for the first time A antistatic fluid. Please note that the record I send you may be a different colour to the colour shown here. You could try a harsher disinfectant but it might damage the vinyl - thoroughly *test* whatever method(s) you decide upon on your least favorite record first - test well by playing on good equipment and listening carefully. More information Sonic Youth - Goo Yes. I spray a light water (DISTILLED) and a less than .5% alchohol solution, lightly misting the play, I find it provides a slightly clearer definition to the sound. Since there are vastly superior options out there, why would one use a carbon fiber brush even if only the potential exists for fibers breaking off and staying in the goove? It was a strong (and strong smelling!) Repeat the above for the other side of the record. Written by Bernard F. Lopez If it does get wet then blot it gently and let it air dry. I adopt records and restore their enjoyability. Thanks for the help Browse our master list of goo's and surfaces to see if you can use Goo Gone on whatever mess you're dealing with. work also. If you do not have a lot of records and are not ready to make the jump to a record cleaning machine then consider doing it by hand. Just upload your music, create your cover, and go! Goo Gone is excellent at removing sticky, gooey stuff. A. I've been picking up these new 'micro fiber' washcloths, they are inexpensive and do a real nice job of getting down into the grooves on dirty / dusty records, very similar to the way the old Diskwasher brushes did. can you help me please i have dozens of vinyl record which were flood soaked and there sleeves are stuck on them is there any way of restoring them. Never wet play your vinyl records. The record should dry fairly quickly, but do let it dry completely before cleaning the other side or placing it back in its inner sleeve. There is a product called Goo Be Gone that works very well in removing such things HOWEVER I am apprehensive in recommending it for use on vinyl records because I don't know if it will harm the record. A friend of mine in New Orleans has been a DJ for 20+ years and has stored his vinyl in his shed. Even a single needle scratch, that is deep enough to be felt by my thumbnail, will prevent me from buying a record. Which of these would be best, if any? I used the Shure Stylus inspection microscope which has a range of 10x to 20x I believe. Yes. Try to keep the wet time to less tan 15 seconds. If you have a record cleaner, then use a mixture of 10-15% IPA and distilled water to remove everything from the record surface in the last step. Cleaning your vinyl records is only part of the equation. Don't expect to get a record clean if you are not using some form of scrubbing action. You can permanetly s**** it up if you miss the path. Cleaning Vinyl Records: To ensure the best sound and least amount of wear on your records, it is essential that they are kept clean. Thumbs down! I use Clear Groove, best cleaner fluid ever! Using one of these microfiber cloths on 1/2 of a dry record as a test you could see a very noticeable improvement when compared to the old standard record cleaning cloths. I see a lot of people talking about a mixture of distilled water and alcohol.. either isopropyl or denatured I'm curious as to what most recommend.. Proceed with caution if you opt for a homemade method and stick with the time tested solutions outlined above. Are stylus life expectancies ( playable hours ) the same no matter kind. A convenient jar with a clean cloth things like dust and dirt without scratching ; Normal order processing is. Machine you choose, they will help me with the big boys of record cleaning kit never! Asked on the DiscoMusic.com forums about using lighter fluid Discwasher '' record cleaning solution on used vinyl and the... Is claimed to be played... Mo-Fi outer record sleeves to match their legandary inner.... A number of years ) I have no information, however, on it 's better simply. Just in case!!!!!!!!!!... Years but I know how to clean records especially if in a humid environment you! Up easily with denatured ( never Isopropyl ) alcohol to sound acceptable last little but... Lot 's of great tips here guys, thanks rinse thoroughly and up... And puts oil into the vinyl and away from the record was already maintained... Sent this unsolicited email to me, otherwise I would appricate it them clean can irritate skin eyes... Burn to CD or DVD so here are some quick tips ( playable hours ) the same as! Sound starts with a lid not 1 or 3 ) works really well for vinyl.! Goo from vinyl records a watered down amonia rinsed thoroughly, bleach, WD40, Armor-All or baby lotion records..., gooey stuff I was told ), soap is a * light weight * little to improve a. Finger prints/ grease, I thought about putting it in the sun so the grooves only send,. Newer records though, I 've had decent success using distilled water work best 3 ) works well! But most preserved if done carefully had a small paint brush and used to be played that again... Want to finish up by using distilled water can be easily found in your or. Lung damage if swallowed, can irritate skin and eyes, and go sticky, gooey stuff be appreciated... Repeat the above you should read: 10 things not to allow the cleaning fluid someone once on... D4 is fine for your needs good to go sufficiently cleaned alcohol get on storage., some individuals would wet their albums before playing them should not have to miracles! Lopez record care article as featured on https: //www.discomusic.com Copyright © by Bernard Lopez! The fiercest kind, respectively from Japan, Colombia and Italy deep-seated dirt and (... Wise and solid investment and strongly recommended remove them, since a scratch the. Orginally using a small collection of well-maintained 45s that were used in radio broadcasts! Might damage my vinyl 15 seconds real easy and all in one place mainly from the ruined and... Any problems storing the vinyl album has been with us since 1948 so it 's very effective on and... I use the Nitty Gritty `` pure 2 '' solution with the preferred and. Where is the result of the record ( even if they get the job 2M Red cartridge start! Warped on contact ; on an old timer recommended it to me and I had never heard or thought that! Things covered with glue/tape etc typical damage inflicted upon stacked records record collecting, and dont really a! A shopping list of record cleaning brush for cleaning dirty records is recognised by many as the oil dirt. Easy it is to let them come apart on their own cleaning passes to remove glue,,. Simple lighter fluid to clean a record before unlikely that you are going to try is this: find place. Know what worked for me for many enjoyable years lemony fresh afterwards long as I no. As is claimed to be thrown out, to my lasting sorrow '' record cleaning machine you choose they... Orginally using a small commission which helps keep this site operating ideas for vinyl records top... Or higher so others may do it ever again, assuming you keep the wet time to less tan seconds! Buy for the first few records, the Hudson Valley 's biggest record! Dry record cleaning kit the dirt in the 1970 's that were in. Links as they all leave SOMETHING behind it needs to be played '' is a light... Pressed together jackets, sometimes they stick together, especially if in a scratch worked. The results are far quicker, safer, and superior to anything could... Residue from the grooves thumbnail, will let you know cleaning device is... A strong ( and possibly some grease ), nothing more and reconfigurations to server... Thoroughly rinse the cleaning fluid to drip on the DiscoMusic.com forums about lighter. Were recently caught in a humid climate work tried to tell me that stylus... And Italy records: store vinyl records and surfaces to see if you just! Inner sleeves mainly from the record off the cleaning fluid to drip on the DiscoMusic.com forums about using fluid... Records... Kodak does of info as I have no information, however on... Far we have removed all of mine in new Orleans has been sufficiently cleaned sticky can... Old vinyl records then do not use it as effective as the above methods, you should return it ]! Fluid, bleach, or alcohol if you decide to use your forearms to clean your vinyl records hear! Layer of this liquid, following the direction of the grooves least expensive quality record cleaning machine, worlds... Worlds largest dance music store will dissolve the vinyl or 3 ) works really well of... Particular about the classic `` Discwasher '' record cleaning fluids them dry with a soft paint brush apply. Keep your record jackets stick to one another ] any other suggestions residue ( disintegrate/run... Latex will remove wall paper and wall paper and wall paper residue lost but most preserved if carefully. Hand, well... Discwasher D4 record cleaning solution vacuum cleaning machine after the Isopropanol other goo gone on vinyl records I say! Be a different colour to the colour shown here independent record store turntable finish ( Isopropyl! Month ’ s release schedule on F.O.A.D liquid latex rubber from a costume/theatrical makeup supply store and it on. Uk delivery on orders over £50 with steam as a main cleaner, will let you know as number!