When present, it specifies that a text area should be read-only. How to start using jQuery? how to disable resize textarea in html; how to disable textarea resize in css; prevent teextarea in css; css hide textarea resize; non resizable textarea html javascript; remove resize from textarea; Learn how Grepper helps you improve as a Developer! Chrome, IE8+, FireFox, Opera, Safari #Resize … Save Your Code. This resizable property is used to set the resizable area of elements. By moting1a Programming Language 0 Comments. ... How can I use CSS/HTML so that the textarea will be as large as it's content (no scrollbar). Dynamic Textarea Resizing Plugin with jQuery - autosize. This is one of those situations where the designer is trying to “break” the user’s client. This event can be detected using the addEventListener() method. In the beta version, I noticed you added a resize option for multiline text areas. Disable textarea resizing for Safari and Chrome. In many browsers, They come with a default resize property, and we can turn this off by using the following code: textarea {resize: none;} You can try this out on the following Codepen. Here, we have used the resize property to disable the resizability: Here, we have used the resize property to disable the resizability: textarea { Try it Yourself » Definition and Usage. This is controlled by the resize CSS property — resizing is enabled by default, but you can explicitly disable it using a resize value of none: textarea { resize: none; } Styling valid and invalid values. But you can also create an auto resizing multiline textbox with both the initial and dynamic value change. This will make the textarea height equal to the height of the whole text area, effectively resizing the textarea to fit the text. It is mostly used with textarea and div elements. Basically, The HTML