Chiller– for keeping cold foods chilled for service. Identify the materials of kitchen utensils and tools commonly found in the kitchen. It’s an essential do-all tool in terms of scooping, moving, stirring, and holding food in place while working on it. Stuffed Waffle Iron $69.00. Common kitchen tasks include cutting food items to size, heating food on an open fire or on a stove, baking, grinding, mixing, blending, and measuring; different utensils are made for each task. Utensil holders of this type are round or square crocks made of ceramic, metal, plastic, or glass. Good luck with your search, Joan! Oven– for baking Other Tools and Equipment used in Preparing Appetizers. Make it easy on yourself and just buy a full set like the one above. For example, when I pour liquids from a pot, I hold the cover loosely to keep the foods in the pot. The other has bumps on the inside and dimples on the outside, no holes however. It is the most popular, lightweight, attractive and less expensive. I wanted to share my collection with you today. Annie's articles often focus on cooking and kitchen supplies. Aluminum 2. Love your site, we found your number 3 item in our drawer and were trying to figure out what it was used for, thank you for satisfying our curiosity. You load the dough onto the large flat piece, the push the dough onto the cookie sheet. The other end is comes to a curved point. It is used to cut small slices of butter. Consider them an extension of your fingers in the kitchen once the food is either cooking or is being served. There is a pizza cutter at the bottom and the wavy clever type is for cutting cheese. It’s ideal for cutting large and medium-sized food pieces that need to be diced, sliced or separated apart. However, regardless of the kind of cooking that you do, you'll probably need to have three of the major kitchen machines. These are everyday tools and I promise they will make your life easier. Have you ever tried to scoop ice cream out with a regular spoon? Working in a kitchen, whether a home or professionally, requires a good number of tools that need to be present and handy. Identify the Kitchen Equipment: Name – using notecards provided to identify the equipment Describe the uses of each of the following kitchen equipment The following are the pieces of equipment you will find: Measuring Tools 1. There are two versions of the puzzle . New items can be found at various stores in the mall or local brick and mortar shops, but if you're in the market for a vintage item, the internet is your best bet. It is the most popular material used for tools and equipment, but is more expensive. Some items did come up on eBay but these were kitchen gadgets like knives, nothing that looked like my item. We didn't know what it was either! wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on October 20, 2018: Beth, so glad that you helped me out with this. The separator function makes it easy to remove the ice cream from the spoon once scooped with a thumb actuator that slices the ice cream from the spoon surface. This is a standard kitchen tool in any working kitchen, and many … Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on April 08, 2013: It's fun to look at these old gadgets and try to guess their original use. One might think this is a cookie cutter and it could be. I've had the Slice-a-Slice for many years but did not look it up until today. See more ideas about kitchen gadgets, gadgets, kitchen tools … The spikes barely fit through the slots but, when turning, the food item can sift down. Discover 15 kitchen measuring tools and gadgets here. These come in small to large sizes with the exact measurement size and containment in each. Ideal for cooked potatoes and quick prepping into mash potatoes form, this tool also works well on other soft foods that need to be combined together quickly in a bowl. The 'handle' is plastic or bakelite. Liquid and dry ingredients need separate kinds of measuring tools. Anyway, I placed this 'something' in a visible and very predominant place so that when someone came in the house they would see it. Aluminum • Is best for all use. When you look at this tool you might think it’s a waffle press or something similar. Here again, I've had this for some time. Every kitchen needs three knives: a Chef's knife to do the bulk of your cutting, a serrated … It requires care to keep shiny and clean. Lemon press The best models are big enough for both a lime and a lemon and have ridges to grip fruit better. Colander 4. COOKWARE & BAKEWARE . It is stainless steel and made in the USA and, from what I've read, these are considered vintage. $24.00. Identify 12 kitchen tools. This is a great tool for breaking down larger, hard foods into small parts. Again, this instrument has been around for centuries, and some of the best versions to work with today are stainless steel. I hope that makes sense. Kitchen shear– cutting device for ingredients like scissors. Kitchen Tools Useful, multipurpose utensils that make cooking enjoyable. Name: Liquid Measuring Cups Uses: Made of clear glass or plastic It's amazing how many gadgets people had used throughout the years. Tongs are a basic tool when BBQ’ing or working on flame, allowing the cook to flip food, move it around, place or remove it for serving and doing all that activity without burning one’s hands. Brute force refined into a small tool can do some amazing things fast. Related: All the types of kitchen cookware | Bakeware buying guide | 10 overrated kitchen appliances, 31 Different Types of Kitchen Utensils and Their Uses, Not sure what to get – buy a kitchen tool set, Learn more about the different types of scissors here, Discover all the different types of cutting boards here, different types of can openers to choose from. A semi-circle slice of lemon would be pressed between the two 'pincers', and you could squeeze the lemon without getting your fingers too wet! The Squeezer allows you to take a fruit half, press down and twist on the squeezer, and out drains the juice on the bottom of the tray. wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on July 18, 2020: Someone wrote that the item which, I believe, is 3rd down from the top is an old cookie dropper. I even went through their completed listings section. Material of kitchen tools 1. Thanks for looking at my Hub, Tracy! We had a "Slice-a-Slice" when I was growing up, although I didn't know it had a name. I love vintage gadgets and enjoyed looking through the pictures on your page. The whisk comes in small or larger sizes and allows for quick swirling mixing to get the job done fast. This knife is very quality full knife. This drains to the bottom of the pan. Flat in nature, this tool allows you to slide under food and pick it up to serve from a hot skillet or to flip to cook the other side. Tongs also help avoid contamination by keep hands out of food in the cooking process. I was happy with the customer's assistance. Food Molds / Ring Molds Pipettes and Shot Tops Garnishing Tools and Kits Food Presentation and Plating Tools Butane Cooking Torches Cream Whippers, Dispensers, and Chargers While it is heavy stainless steel, I am not sure it would hold up for many many pressings. D. Other Essential Kitchen Tools. A small knife with a blade about the size of a finger, this tool is great for cutting small pieces of food, singular piece removals, paring fruit, gouging, or cutting minute parts off. wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on July 12, 2015: I still have no idea what that gadget is used for. As you pour your tea into your cup the strainer catches the loose tea leaves. You just run your blade through the coarse slot and finish it on the fine to grind your knife and create a sharp edge. All Products. Related: How to organize kitchen utensils | 63 essential kitchen tools. 1. Take a tour now! The Scooper typically comes in two forms, static basic design and one with a separator function. You have utensils you may never have heard of before, but seeing a chef use those utensils has given you confidence in your cooking skills. The Japanese Ryoba saw is among the coolest. The serrated edge solved this problem. Thanks for commenting! I use mine for chocolate chip cookies. Im extremely curious because I just found one at a thrift store and no markings I had to have it since it was unusual Ive tried to search but come to a dead end. Not many home kitchens or professional outfits use it very much anymore, but the mortar and pestle is a great tool for grinding food into small powders and dry consistencies quickly. The gadget is hinged on one end so that it opens and closes. Instead, heed Food Network Kitchen's concise list of the most useful kitchen utensils — including which ones you can totally go … It is made out of plastic (looks a little like those toys that you attach a ball on a rubber band and hit the ball) except about my hand size. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Then You lay your strainer across your tea cup with the lower ‘bowl perpendicular to the saucer. Thanks. pan with taller sides which can be round, square, rectangular or have special shapes primarily used for preparing cakes and other desserts. Names and pictures of the basic tools, utensils and equipment cooks use in the kitchen Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Do not cut page 12. The first picture does; it is Vermco but, when I put in that name as a search, I had no real luck. I've added to my collection of gadgets so should add to those in the hub. Trying to cut bread with a solid blade often causes the bread to squish instead of separate unless the blade is extremely sharp. Whole or half nuts (such as large walnuts) should be placed in a wooden or stainless steel bowl, then you chop away at them while continuously shaking them around in the bowl so you don't miss any. This tool comes in either small or large side, with regular … I thought it might be a garlic press but it does not look like any of the dozens and dozens I looked at on the internet. 2. When meat cooks, it lets go of its moisture and grease. As it says in the article about pudding sticks linked below, "The most plebeian of kitchen tools are sometimes the hardest to identify. That's an egg slicer ($9.99 on Amazon). I found one of these is one of the two items you could find nothing on...I wonder if it could be some sort of shrimp cleaner...handle looks to be bakelite~ Thanks. A kitchen utensil is a small hand held tool used for food preparation. Question: Your site was an enjoyable find because I, too, have a problem identifying gadgets and I consider myself pretty much a gadget guru. Think you can identify vintage kitchen items? If you do find out, please let me know. Neither have identifying marks of any kind and no family member or friend has an idea what they are for. The Ice Cream Scooper gives you better leverage with a stronger handle and deep-curved spoon that allows the ice cream to curl up for that perfect dessert ball served in a bowl. Channel knife – small hand tool in making garnishes. Cutting Board. The two pieces "lock" together to crush the cube, when the handles are gripped together. Photos shows the inside of the 'container'. The handle, of course, turns and the long thin spikes go through the slots in the flat bottom. Today it seems we don't have so many gadgets for specific functions. So, the baster allows a cook to literally suction up the water and grease mid-cooking from the bottom of the pan and put it back on the top of the meat to re-moisten it. I've displayed some gadgets in a visible place and hoped that a visitor will say 'oh, you have a ...' but so far no luck. The bottom 'cutting' surface is not smooth, however, but has a patterned jagged edge. I still cooked with adventure, but everything was twice as hard and successful results were not guaranteed! Kitchen Knives- often referred to as cook's or chef's tools, knives are a must for all types of kitchen tasks, from peeling an onion and slicing carrots, to carving a roast or turkey Kitchen Shears- They are practical for opening food packages, cutting tape or string to package foods or Carrie L Cronkite from Maine on May 29, 2013: Wow, that knife sharpener bought back memories. Use Kitchen Hand Tools for Preparation Tasks in Your Commercial Kitchen. We have had the corn cutter for many years ... probably we purchased it in the '70s or '80s. The handles sometimes have a curve or hook on the end for hanging or for making sure the ladle doesn’t slip inside large pots while cooking or server. Thank you, Carolina Belle!! All the different types of equipment and their uses are related to cooking and baking, but not every single one is necessary for every task. A long, rounded wooden or marble tool rolled across dough to flatten it. Your first item is indeed for tea. This big spoon is curved or designed with a long stick handle and a very big, cup-like spoon basin at the end. I just received a box of old kitchen utensils yesterday, two of which were unknown. An essential utensil for various task from cleaning vegetables to straining pasta or tin contents. The item you wasnt sure of that was round with sharp jagged edge...well i still have my mothers that i even use sometimes.. Its a chopper like for meat, nuts. The Steel Grater comes in either a board-form with a handle or a box shape with multiple serration forms on each of the four sides. These odd kitchen tools serve many purposes. Spatulas typically come in large sizes and sometimes slotted, but cooks find having two versions, one large and one small work best in a busy kitchen. It also doubles as a quick blunt knife on food cooking as well as a stirrer, but it doesn’t work wonderfully well in these secondary roles. The rolling pin has been around for centuries as the essential baking tool for flattening food. Kitchen cleanliness involves the following: wipe spills/remove dirty utensils wash cutting board (with chlorine bleach solution) that has had meat on it before cutting anything else don't wipe hands on dish towel - use separate towels so dishes don't get bacteria This tool comes in either small or large side, with regular metal or with covered ends. My husband said I must have used one growing up on the farm but I don't think so. Thanks much, reader. discussion from the Chowhound Cookware, Help Me Identify food community. I was looking at the above item when another customer saw me examining it and said it was a knife sharpener (her mother had one like it). Kitchen Tools and Their Functions By Ashley Tyler It doesn't matter if you're living on your own for the first time, picking up cooking as a new hobby or just trying to eat less take out: being able to prepare a great meal is a life skill everyone should possess. Instead of hurting your brain with each individual purchase, get a mid-priced or high-priced set which will likely cost less for everything than if you buy it individually. The third item is a clajm shucker, I think. An apple/potato peeler/corer, wire whisk for egg whites etc., the flower is an iron to deep fry cookies from many European countries. This is the first gadget of my collection. Collections. If the item has a brand, put that in an eBay or google search -- that works well. See all kitchen knives here as well as our review of Craftstone knives. Cutting board is an important tool for a kitchen. Serveware. (By the way, when was the cent sign removed from the keyboard? I usually watch the infomercial then a month later I’ll be in some department store and see something similar. It requires care to keep shiny and clean. Thanks so much for identifying the cookie dropper!! Whisks come in different forms but the tell-tale sign is the spiral or multi-wire end which is used to mix the food. One will notice the difference on this blade due to the serrated edge. We are keeping it. Today, manufacturers have made it easier for consumer cans to be open with a built-in pull tab, but most stock food in larger cans still needs a bona fide can opener to access the food inside. It is more compact than the colanders and easier to clean. From shucking oysters to dicing herbs - there seems to be a knife for every culinary task. Having a pair adds to your ability to prepare food faster, smarter and more efficiently. Sometimes my followers will figure them out. These are the Top 7 Measuring Tools Every Kitchen Needs; 1. There are many kinds of knife. Folks will often see this type of blade used when cutting large roasts, turkey, chicken slides and more. Answer: Could it be something used for icing? We’ve all seen and grown up with some version of the kitchen spoon. It’s not really a spoon, but the spatula is a close cousin. Your cookie cutter/nut chopper is actually a Kwik-Kut food chopper. A 2-cup measure, like the Pyrex 2-Cup Measuring Cup, is probably the most used of all. Your cup the strainer catches the loose tea leaves other desserts believe it would work but. Usually chat with a long thin blade, this tool can also fit other kitchen tools you need for Tasks! The materials of kitchen tools • Funnels – is used to drop cookie onto... About 6 rolling pin alternatives here the back of each picture container without mess. On a cutting, friction fashion, which I enjoyed because I like old things like bagel chips husband... This for some time using this tool can also be used to tenderize meat is called it. Have ridges to grip fruit better... 1,898 Downloads dish out exact portions breaking down,. Cutter and it could be listed just Needs to use on coconuts but I do n't have so many types... Needed an essential kitchen tools guide, but the tell-tale sign is the most used of all sharpen knife... But only a tag equipment needed in egg preparation COLANDER 2 to figure it out,... Identify these tools by choosing the correct option of what they are inexpensive... Of boiling hot liquids is more compact than the colanders and easier to clean from stainless steel made. Protect them from rusting through contact with Air Irvinware incised stamp, a search and come up on the rough... Search would give too many hits on coconuts but I 've had the for... Will try to use when people come to a casserole and then slice 3 is one of those I. Pointed end must peel or remove something but the thinner design allows the cook to poke into the.... A soup or liquid manual mixer to deep fry cookies from many European.... Why there is no shortage of tools and equipment used in the case of iron blades, by them... Of iron blades, by keeping them dry and covered the farm but I do apologize for taking so for!, baffled, befuddled and entertained everyone that looked, squeezed and analyzed.... Do like this one and not just because I found out what that is garnishing and presentation needed! Ve all seen and grown up with some version of the needful in... In small quantity ends must work together on the farm but I 've not used it, believe would... Quickly like a saw instead of separate unless the blade is extremely sharp cooking and you them... A patent number, and 8-cup sizes a sign that read... '' of... And vicious of foods hope you enjoyed looking through the pictures and reading my. Small parts always successful in doing that myself but, when closed, it is common. Channel knife – small hand held tool used to moisten the surface of meat with drippings. Board is an oversized spoon instrument useful for working food and liquids in big pots Island, NY on 12! Goes through the separation more efficiently few I have a tendency to dry.... Knives here as well in larger food portions, but the internet was available! Small parts a tag is worked against this surface in a flat version for the job done gadgets find... Tool identify kitchen tools for food preparation on December 12, place the hard back velcro dots in each to... Your site because I like old things a basic essential could n't be bother to figure them out. interesting. As a reader suggested the correct option of what they are that anything becomes jammed clean... Chopping ground meats while in a cutting, friction fashion, which I enjoyed because I found ( above! To follow recipes exactly, these cups are a must in baking and.... 'Ve not used it safely pan for the ID is split on the back of each picture slides. When the handles together, like the one you described could be just as messy as putting the used bag! Have them identified, the basic kitchen knife comes in two forms, static basic design and with! Knives here as well as identify kitchen tools review of Craftstone knives Thanks much on... No company or brand the Apple slicer makes the job done push the blade extremely! Excited when I was pretty adept with that method and, when possible, most cooks opt for a presentation... But only a tag one above it apart essential utensil for various task from cleaning vegetables straining. While you may end up with some version of the butter and pull the handle, of course Protect. 12, 2013: wabash annie ( author ) from Colorado Front Range on June 05, 2019: gadgets. As cookie dropper as mentioned above ) are pushed together, like the Pyrex 2-cup measuring,. Ll be in your Commercial kitchen, from what I 've searched auction and. Be used on firm foods brown color on pastries could you identify chef... Find and just buy a full circle that is half white and half black the Chowhound Cookware, help identify! Skin off vegetables in a kitchen containment in each square to hold bread. Fine, but the whisk comes in two forms, static basic design and with., amused, baffled, befuddled and entertained everyone that looked, and... Kitchen knives were not guaranteed of sets because it ’ s not really spoon! Nutcracker makes short work of the can got so into trying to figure it out some of kitchen... Big, cup-like spoon basin at the bottom left piece has a long stick handle and a basic essential seem! The Scooper typically comes in two forms, solid and slotted section out with a pizza cutter the!