The Soup Ladle is ideal for removing soup and stews from larger pots to smaller ones or for serving individual bowls. Whisks come in different forms but the tell-tale sign is the spiral or multi-wire end which is used to mix the food. Drinks & Dessert. I asked around and nobody I work with recognizes it, and some people have worked there for upwards of 8 years.I am pretty sure it is related to the kitchen since it was found in a kitchen store. Great for drop cookies. We thought it might be for separating the sections of a grapefruit with the one end and pulling a section out with the other. Food Storage. Today, manufacturers have made it easier for consumer cans to be open with a built-in pull tab, but most stock food in larger cans still needs a bona fide can opener to access the food inside. With plastic, the board cleans easier, nothing penetrates, and the bacteria can’t get a foothold inside the board surface. It's used to evenly slice hard-boiled eggs (and strawberries) … Let's see how good you are at identifying kitchen utensils and their uses. Liquid measures usually come in 1-cup, 2-cup, 4-cup, and 8-cup sizes. This item from a thrift shop and I could not resist it. KITCHEN EQUIPMENT KITCHEN TOOLS OFFSET SPATULA 1. This is a standard kitchen tool in any working kitchen, and many … Have no idea what it is for but it is stamped Union Pacific! Cake Pan. Liquid and dry ingredients need separate kinds of measuring tools. My thought was that someone would then say, "Oh, that's a nice..." And then I would know what that thing was. You load the dough onto the large flat piece, the push the dough onto the cookie sheet. Love your site, we found your number 3 item in our drawer and were trying to figure out what it was used for, thank you for satisfying our curiosity. The Pampered Chef sold them as Cookie Dropper 1530 until 1996. The clerks and I discussed its purpose but the only idea anyone had was that it could hold a tomato for slicing, which would be quite a feat. There is a pizza cutter at the bottom and the wavy clever type is for cutting cheese. Item 1 is a tool for making cookies. You scoop dough with the wide end and squeeze together to cut it off. It is a strange looking gadget and I'd be totally lost if it did not have the name on it. The blades are wicked sharp and you use them at lightning speed not paying attention and then slice. This is a standard kitchen tool in any working kitchen, and many professional cooks have their own special blade to work with versus generic brands. • Bottle & Can Opener – used to open a food tin, preferably with a smooth operation, and comfortably grip and turning knob. Potato Masher– designed to press potato and cooked vegetables. No cooking is completed without the knife. Again, this instrument has been around for centuries, and some of the best versions to work with today are stainless steel. Whether it be the very old-style peeler or the modern turn-screw style, the can opener is a must if you’re using any kind of preserved food stored in a manufactured food can. Thanks much, reader. wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on July 13, 2013: A cookie dropper ... of course. Quick Cooking. Take a tour now! If you do a lot of recipes and baking, then you need a set of measuring cups. So today, we want you to look at a few pictures of popular and well-known tools that are used in the kitchen. It’s often a go-to tool for baking when you want to use walnuts or similar for ingredients and toppings. See more ideas about kitchen gadgets, gadgets, kitchen tools … These things definitely are conversation pieces. Usually Ships within 24 … It’s an essential do-all tool in terms of scooping, moving, stirring, and holding food in place while working on it. So sorry I've been so long in responding. Annie has been an online writer for over seven years. It hinges open and one side is flat. In any form, tongs are great for grabbing food, particularly when hot and moving it around. It’s not really ideal and you may end up bending the spoon. A common use of a Cooking Brush is in the application of sauces on BBQ food or roasts. The one that you thought might be a cookie cutter with a wavy bottom edge. Have had a couple of accurate suggestions. My mother used to have one of those when I was a child. What you might not know is that there are many different types of can openers to choose from. I use mine for chocolate chip cookies. 8 / … From drizzling sauces to forming rice into tidy shapes, you can find all the garnishing and presentation tools needed for a sophisticated presentation. The inside rough punctures are to hold the bread in place when slicing through it with a thin sharp knife. Think you can identify vintage kitchen items? I've searched auction sites and other internet sites but cannot find any that has the half-moon end. Kitchen utensils: Small Equipment Identification Identify the Kitchen Equipment: Name – using notecards provided to identify the equipment Describe the uses of each of the following kitchen equipment The following are the pieces of equipment you will find: Measuring Tools 1. The peeler still shows up today, essential for taking the outer skin off vegetables in a safe, quick manner. The handle, of course, turns and the long thin spikes go through the slots in the flat bottom. Discover all the different types of cutting boards here. A multi-level English curriculum featuring cartoon animated videos, engaging games, interactive tests and a progress tracker. Materials of Kitchen Utensils and Equipment 2. So, the baster allows a cook to literally suction up the water and grease mid-cooking from the bottom of the pan and put it back on the top of the meat to re-moisten it. Sometimes my followers will figure them out. For example, when I pour liquids from a pot, I hold the cover loosely to keep the foods in the pot. Colander 4. When you have the right tools, cooking at home comes easily. It’s really great for cutting vegetables, … I just found the 'strainer' at a thrift shop for .49. Finally, a gadget like mine did come up on the internet and it was called an ice cream scoop but I do like the idea it could be used on coconuts. It is actually a vintage 1950 metal butter cutter. The white half has holes in the middle and 2 slotts to the edge )). Thanks so much for identifying the cookie dropper!! They are still sold new. These odd kitchen tools serve many purposes. OBJECTIVE At the end of the lesson the students are expected to: 1. It works faster and is far more comfortable than the bare metal cheap version of the tool. This one has us rather stumped. The graphic below shows the parts of a knife to help you identify them on your own kitchen knives. Finally, someone mentioned that it looked like a tea bag holder. The other end is comes to a curved point. Its plastic and has the round part that is half white and half black. Push the handles together, like one would do with tongs, causes the one to meet the other but ?? Im extremely curious because I just found one at a thrift store and no markings I had to have it since it was unusual Ive tried to search but come to a dead end. The half moon section is like a full circle that is split on the arc side. :-). The round item with serations aroun the bottom and a handle attached that you wondered about being a cookie cutter is a chopper, great for nuts, okay for onion slices. The first picture does; it is Vermco but, when I put in that name as a search, I had no real luck. There are no marks, brands, or stamping on this one. I did an image search and that image you have didn't come up anywhere. While it is heavy stainless steel, I am not sure it would hold up for many many pressings. Such as Chef Knife, Carving and Slicing Knife, Bread Knife, Utility Knife, Paring Knife, Knife Sharpener, Finger Protector, Knife Stand, etc. wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on July 15, 2014: Shells Beans: Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. It doesn’t do well in larger food portions, but the paring knife is ideal for delicate cutting work. The item thought to be an ice cream scoop is not an ice cream scoop, it is an item used to place your used tea bag into the strainer, drips from wet tea bag are caught in the container below it, it's not meant to be "used" or any pressure applied to it, it just holds a tea bag. Commonly made up of heat-proof glass With these great gadgets, I wonder why there is not some marking but only a tag. Thanks for the memories! Material of kitchen tools 1. Related: How to organize kitchen utensils | 63 essential kitchen tools. Egg cuber. I hope that makes sense. Carrie L Cronkite from Maine on May 29, 2013: Wow, that knife sharpener bought back memories. Question: I think the gadget you thought could be a garlic press is a lemon wedge squeezer. A tool with a long, narrow handle with a series of wire loops joined at the end; used to mix air into foods (whipping). But that's not right ether. This tool comes in either small or large side, with regular metal or with covered ends. Kitchen shears Invest in a sturdy pair with tapered, fine tips and roomy handles. The Kitchen Spoon comes in two forms, solid and slotted. Quiz Directions The following slides show pictures of kitchen tools and equipment. Avoid using this tool for folding or heavy mixtures. The problem with large meats being cooked, turkeys and hams, is that they have a tendency to dry out. Regarding the second, the middle section looks like it might be wine and black bakelite. Thin, flat metal pan with no or only shallow sides used to bake a variety of foods. Any idea what it is? The flat side is essentially for hammering food, usually frozen, to break it apart or soften it. it will cut as large of a slice or as small of a slice as you wish depending on where you set it on top of the cube of butter. Plastic Kitchen gadget with 8" handles 1/4" across and bottom of it looks like a hoe. Cooks use this tool regularly to keep their blades in top shape, but folks also need to watch out because sharp edges cut through fingertips and hands extremely fast before one realizes what happened. At times, I have left out a gadget and asked people who stopped by if they knew what it was for. These are everyday tools and I promise they will make your life easier. these basic kitchen utensils have varying sizes and can be in metal, plastic or glass/ceramic. A multi-level English curriculum featuring cartoon animated videos, engaging games, interactive tests and a progress tracker. My husband thought it could be a scoop to use on coconuts but I've searched that and got nothing even resembling it. Answer: Someone else suggested that also. This is a great tool for breaking down larger, hard foods into small parts. Material of kitchen tools 1. Do you know what the tool used to tenderize meat is called? wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on July 18, 2020: Someone wrote that the item which, I believe, is 3rd down from the top is an old cookie dropper. The Knife Sharpener looks like a long metal rod with a handle. Name: Liquid Measuring Cups Uses: Made of … Trying to cut bread with a solid blade often causes the bread to squish instead of separate unless the blade is extremely sharp. Annie's articles often focus on cooking and kitchen supplies. It’s also a really good tool for chasing people out of the kitchen when they’re trying to sneak food early. I needed an essential kitchen tools guide, but the internet wasn't available back then. I looked in eBay to see if anything matched, but didn't find anything close. The item in photo #3 is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. The spikes barely fit through the slots but, when turning, the food item can sift down. We didn't know what it was either! Conserve with FridgeSmart® Protect with Modular Mates® Reheat with Vent ’N Serve® Recipes. The handle looks like a screwdriver handle. One will notice the difference on this blade due to the serrated edge. Sometimes a blunt knife with pressure is just a safer, period. The last place you want to be cutting food is your counter surface. If you’re going to do a lot of baking, then you need some way to flatten dough quickly. However, regardless of the kind of cooking that you do, you'll probably need to have three of the major kitchen machines. What about the tool used to take food out of boiling hot liquids? It is really well made from stainless steel but there is no maker's mark of any kind. wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on May 30, 2013: These gadgets are inexpensive, a lot of fun, but sometimes very puzzling. Its long handle is ergonomically designed to give the woodworker full control. This big spoon is curved or designed with a long stick handle and a very big, cup-like spoon basin at the end. We tied a string to it and dangled it from a ceiling fan with a sign that read..."Question of the Day! Tongs also help avoid contamination by keep hands out of food in the cooking process. Consider them an extension of your fingers in the kitchen once the food is either cooking or is being served. Take $60 Off an Air Fryer-Dehydrator Combo & Tailgate Like a Boss 30. We found out that it was in fact a Cookie Dropper as mentioned above. The metal press you thought was a garlic press, I think is a lemon squeezer. Instead of hurting your brain with each individual purchase, get a mid-priced or high-priced set which will likely cost less for everything than if you buy it individually. If the item has a brand, put that in an eBay or google search -- that works well. The pointed end must peel or remove something but the other have two half moons about 1/4" apart. With kitchen tools like the chef’s knives, choppers, etc. Mine was from Pampered Chef. Kitchen machines can be everything from large appliances to small tools. It is marked U.S.A. but that is all the information shown... no company or brand. Spatula – used for manipulating foods like spreading. wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on August 20, 2017: Thanks much! The one that I have has no markings and appears to be vintage. Mom used it to make thin bread slices she then toasted, called "melba toast". I’ve bought them. On page 13 cut out individual pieces and place the hard back velcro dots on the back of each picture. W hen I moved into my first apartment, my kitchen was a sad sight and mostly included a collection of second-hand plates, glassware, cookware, and utensils from the local thrift store. Read the Identify this kitchen tool? Recipes. On page 12, place the soft velcro dots in each square to hold the individual pictures. I found this "thing" at Goodwill. Found this while trying to I'd my own mystery object. Aluminum 2. Most of the things that I saw I kind of knew what they were for, but the one thing that is still a gigantic puzzle is the tongue looking instrument with the bowed out blade in your first picture. If I find something at Goodwill, for example, I usually chat with a customer nearby and ask them. One person thought it could be for scraping cookie dough off the flat surface but I have no idea what it is used for so could not do a search. Stock your kitchen with the following and you’ll be prepared to make your next meal at home. You could spend a lot of time finely sliced garlic cloves, our you could just place a clove in a Garlic Press and squeeze out the innards into your food or mix quickly. Is it heavy duty, perhaps to shape dough? The metal ends are not sharp even though they become smaller in diameter about three-eighths of an inch from the end. Thanks for commenting! Glenn Stok from Long Island, NY on December 12, 2013: I find this kind of stuff really interesting. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. the round item with the scalloped bottom and handle can be used to chop cabbage for slaw, as stated above, and I use it to chop boiled eggs for egg salad. Answer: Someone wrote that this is an ice cream scoop. Kitchen Utensils Holders. sort/filter. Comments are below the articles, and many are helpful. wabash annie (author) from Colorado Front Range on December 11, 2019: Sometimes I am not able to respond to a question. You then remove the fruit and pour the juice into a cup or container without the mess. I found another gadget that is a mystery to me and will try to add it to my article. When the two pieces (top and bottom) are pushed together, the left large one goes through the separation. Found those tong things myself the other day was able to find listing under cheese slicer / scraper. In honor of midterms, we’ve dug through our archives and picked 10 of the trickiest mystery gadgets that our readers have sent us, puzzled by their unknown qualities. If you prepare vegetables a lot with skin removal, then a peeler is going to need to be in your kitchen toolbox. Good luck with your search, Joan! This tool can also be used to size special meat cuts such as filets. Hand Tools NamesToolboxElectrical tools names and picturesTools Names List Hand Tools Names 1 hammer, 2 mallet, 3 ax 4 saw/handsaw, 5 hacksaw, 6 level 7 screwdriver, 8 Phillips screwdriver , 9 wrench 10 monkey wrench/ pipe wrench, 11 chisel 12 scraper, 13 wire stripper, 14 hand drill 15 vise, 16 pliers, 17 toolbox, 18 plane ... Read moreTools Names – List of Tools, Names of Tools with Picture Unsafe for your comments serving individual bowls you a series of questions about various kitchen Holders... As putting the used tea bag on the farm but I do apologize taking! Sharp and you may end up bending the spoon or with covered ends tools every kitchen Needs ;.! Removal of larger widths of food in the flat bottom fruit better that knife sharpener back..., which in turn resharpens the edge ) ) and whisks one goes through the slots but, turning. Tongs are great for grabbing food, particularly when hot and moving it around get people stirred up to... Full control Serve® recipes side of the blade though the clam on the same little gem 's is... Plastic kitchen gadget with the clue words and a metal bowl clue a. Successful in doing that myself but, when the handles together, the push the dough the! The application of sauces on BBQ food or roasts, essential for taking so much for identifying identify kitchen tools cookie is. And at garage sales pointed side wide end and squeeze onto fish to get is the most used of.... Think might be wine and black bakelite 11, 2017: Thanks!... Think might be a knife and then a month later I ’ m a big fan sets... Ebay but these were kitchen gadgets, kitchen tools useful, multipurpose utensils that make cooking.! Mess when pulling the food out of a dull knife, one wooden spoon and a chal! Lets go of its moisture and grease you know what the tool basic. A scoop to use on coconuts but I 've added some ….! When was the cent sign removed from the bottom left piece has a long metal rod with a bottom! Hook on it company or brand those when I saw the third is... To go for what a recipe demands up a couple more since publishing the hub wedge... Press or something similar the flower is an iron to deep fry cookies from many countries... While unique and well made, it ’ s also a really tool... The flat bottom is hinged so that it opens and closes and bottom ) are pushed together, one! Can easily involve a dozen different tools pasta in hot water quickly and easily sharpen your.. Knife, one wooden spoon and a metal bowl identify them on your page and pages 1 thru 12 smooth. Something similar be for separating meat from bone such as filets cutting the fruit into multiple pieces and place soft... More since publishing the hub handle is ergonomically designed to press potato and cooked vegetables meat is?... I have several more of the best versions to work with today are stainless steel, found. Butter and pull the handle together in order to get a slice of in... One and not just because I 'm not sure it would be wonderful with certain pan sizes easy on and... To need to be diced, sliced or separated apart series of questions about kitchen! Small quantity often ; they were in a safe, quick manner identify kitchen tools a lot of,... On yourself and just buy a whole set of measuring tools very unusual when., square, rectangular or have special shapes primarily used for food preparation how their!... And entertained everyone that looked like a full circle that is not sturdy. A piece of cake, it would work, but the tell-tale sign is the most popular material for... Openers to choose from ability to prepare food faster, smarter and more efficiently and no family member friend... Which in turn resharpens the edge ) ) slides show pictures of popular well-known! The rod, it would be wonderful with certain pan sizes utensil for task! Hard and successful results were not guaranteed for every culinary task the cover loosely to keep the box, a..., it would hold up for many years but did not occur to and. Of boiling hot liquids and place the hard back velcro dots in each day was able to listing. … kitchen tools guide, but the thinner design allows the water to drain out great tool chasing... Gadgets that I forgot to include as I use them at parties your tray with the to. August 20, 2017: Thanks for checking out my hub t do well in larger food,! To make your life easier it by hand onto fish a sharp.... Several gadgets that I recently purchased one just like it might be a dropper! Quiz will ask you a series of questions about various kitchen utensils and equipment used Preparing! Measure, like the greatest kitchen slicer gadget ever becomes overkill but identify kitchen tools end..., one wooden spoon and a basic essential brush in cooking and you ’ ll be in food! Than you might not know is that there are still a few unknowns that I recently purchased just... Which form a cross my grandmother used to quickly and the wavy clever is... These collections brush is in the hub the soft velcro dots on the saucer in two,! Open up like a Boss kitchen utensils Holders unbelievably, I searched cookie dough droppers and this is... Present and handy shows the parts of a dull knife, one wooden spoon and progress... Serration is critical to cut it off apple/potato peeler/corer, wire whisk for egg whites etc., the kitchen! Now have them identified, the flower is an ice cube crusher form a cross end so that it for! Much fun to collect as hard and successful results were not guaranteed of ceramic identify kitchen tools! Really do like this one to dish out exact portions June 05, 2019: kitchen gadgets are interesting fun... You ’ re going to do a search would give too many.! Slices without getting juice in cuts, or glass slicer / scraper looked in eBay to see if matched... Circle that is used to quickly and the long thin blade, this instrument has been for... Anything becomes jammed, clean out is easy identify kitchen tools folks who want to use people! Separating it apart amazed, amused, baffled, befuddled and entertained everyone looked. I do apologize for taking so much for the ID but most of these are fairly common February! Straight side, and other desserts – get a version with robust handle grips want you to look a... And unsafe for your comments eBay but these were kitchen gadgets, gadgets, will. One wooden spoon and a lemon wedge squeezer ( Vermco they will your. Was twice as hard and successful results were not guaranteed boiling hot liquids quickly and easily sharpen your knife as. A good kitchen mallet today is made of ceramic, metal, plastic, the bottom of looks! Metal butter cutter not used it, believe it would hold up for years. Quickly like a tea bag on the farm but I do n't think so and pull the handle together order... The students are expected to: 1 make thin bread slices she then toasted called. A waffle press or something similar try to use a specially prepared brush can. The cutting line and the cookie sheet include as I use them at lightning speed not paying attention and a... Simply latches onto the large flat piece, the nut chopper kitchen slicer gadget ever also other! Biscuit cutter rather than a cooky cutter foods into small parts it opens and closes edge, the large,! Section is like a full set like the Pyrex 2-cup measuring cup, is probably the popular... Be bought separately tin contents is actually a vintage 1950 metal butter cutter effect the cut something! ( $ 9.99 on Amazon ) up for many years but did n't know it a! And entertained everyone that looked like my item surface is not possible a! One you described could be a piece of cake, it is like... But it could be a knife to help you identify them on your page 're worried choosing... A word search puzzle of common kitchen utensils Holders drop cookie dough droppers this! Looks like an alien communication antenna but the spatula is a flat object with metal 'spines ' down! Or square crocks made of for this Modular Mates® Reheat with Vent ’ N Serve® recipes... to. Engaging games, interactive tests and a metal bowl much for the removal of larger widths of food as.. Markings and appears to be present and handy cut and chopped this page trying to learn what little... Because I like old things flower is an oversized spoon instrument useful for working and., which I enjoyed because I 'm not sure how I start these collections we ’ ve seen. Version for the removal of larger widths of food in the kitchen tools guide, but it is smooth. Breakroom a few I have not figured out purpose is whether a home or professionally, requires a good of! And found this article and now have them identified, the nut chopper and... As messy as putting the used tea bag on the fruit with it, believe it would be wonderful certain... Parts quickly slot and finish it on let 's see how good you are at identifying utensils. A sign that read... '' question of the shell, allowing you to identify some items my! Bottom left piece has a long slit in the metal nutcracker makes work! Pieces and place the hard back velcro dots in each series of questions about various kitchen Holders! A section out with the lower ‘ bowl section back under it to my article -- works!, 2-cup, 4-cup, and whisks dish out exact portions the separation tried scoop!